Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We're getting there!

Ian has moved into Logan's room and is sleeping on his crib mattress on the floor AND has not nursed in 4 days. I still miss it somewhat but it wasn't the dramatic parting that we had when I dried up when nursing Logan. That was all of a sudden and this I knew was coming. I'm so sore right now too since my boobs has blown up really quickly. My left side which was completely deflated since he hadn't nursed on that side in over a year is now filling out and spilling out of my bra! It hurts just to touch them and he tends to climb all over me. Ugh. The only issues we're having with him and bed is that he can get up and move around and he's closing the door (and locking it!) and Logan likes the door open. Last night, I went to the store and dh said he found Ian out of bed 4 times- one time hiding. LOL Tonight, Logan was asleep and I heard Ian in there playing with a baby toy that makes noise. He's good about getting back in bed though and isn't giving me a hard time yet. Eventually he'll move to Logan's bottom bunk and Logan will get the top.

On the pregnancy front, I swear I've felt the baby move! It's very subtle but it's there and I don't believe it's gas. I love that feeling (of the baby, not the gas!).

Happy Birthday

to my big guy Logan!! He's 5 today! Unfortunately he's sick at home and not celebrating at school with his friends today but we'll have a make-up pretend bday another day so he can. He must be better by tomorrow though bc his first ever school pics are then!!

***ETA: So he's still not better. Tonight he seems to be running a bit of a fever. He's acting okay and coughing much less though. I'm going to see how he is in the morning I guess.

He did get his cake tonight (that's the 1st thing he asked for this morning) and got to open his gifts. We bought him a new Razor scooter complete with helmet and knee/elbow/wrist pads. He'll need them I'm sure. He also got a LeapFrog Math Desk, a book, a LF backpack and a dvd. He also got some gifts from our secret buddies from my 2002 Sept. groups. We opened those yesterday though when they came.

The only people who called him today was his grandma and daddy though. Kinda sad. I'm betting his Abuela slept all day since she works nights. He did get to see one uncle tonight though and while the other didn't call specifically for Logan, when reminded what day it was, he did wish him a Happy Bday. Thankfully, Logan doesn't know the difference yet so he's fine. My BIL offered his house for a small party for him on Sunday (once he runs it by his GF) since our house isn't in any shape for it so hopefully we can have some of the family over for that.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

In My Defense....

We were on vacation for a week and trying to get back to routine for another week hence such a long wait between posts! I'm back now though.

We were at Disney for a week and what a week it was. Not all good either. We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter which is one of the smallest resorts on property. It was really nice though. On Labor Day we went to the Pirate & Princess Party at the Magic Kingdom and we all had a lot of fun. The parade was great and the fireworks were awesome! It looked like the pirates had taken over the castle and were bombarding it. The boys took home a ton of loot. It was the last party of the season and the castmembers were trying to get rid of all the extra candy so I still have bags and bags of it. While on vacation though, our youngest dog got very ill and dh had to go home and ended up rushing her to the emergency animal clinic where she had emergency surgery. Turns out since she'd never been spayed, she had a uterine infection and was filled with pus. The only thing that saved her life was that she had been in heat recently so her cervix wasn't completely closed. She seems much better now though and although she's lost a lot of weight, she's eating again and is bright eyed. (No longer bushy tailed as they had to shave her!) Dh drove back to WDW after leaving her with the vet and then had to drive back again that night to be prepared to pick her up early in the morning. He also had to wait for a plumber as our water softener which hasn't worked since we moved it, started leaking. Ugh! More than $1500 we hadn't planned on spending that week. I feared we were going to have to cut our vacation short but thankfully it all worked out. We had a few wishes granted while at WDW. We all got co-pilot licenses for "driving" the monorail one night (sitting up front with the driver), I got Guest of the Hour at MGM one day at Package pickup and got a certificate and a Tinkerbell pin, the boys each got a co-engineer certificate at AK on the Conservation Station train and got to blow the whistle and Logan got a few birthday cards and lots of birthday wishes and cupcakes while we were there.

Now we're home and trying to get into routine again. Ian slept with me the entire vacation and I guess he really liked it as he's put up a fit all week long sleeping in his room. I've never come so close to wanting to hurt my child before but he's driving me insane. Lack of sleep, hormones and frustration are really getting to me. I cried last night bc I was at a loss as to what to do and bc I felt like such a terrible mom. How the hell am I going to deal with him and a newborn?! It's very overwhelming. Tonight we are trying something new. I went out to eat with some friends so dh had to put the boys to bed. He put Ian's mattress in Logan's room and we're hoping that knowing someone else is in there with him, he'll do better sleeping. Dh said he went right to sleep tonight and didn't even cry for me which shocked the hell out of me but I'm glad. Dh is really tired after last night and I felt kinda guilty going out. On one hand, I'm really hoping he'll wean soon but on the other, he's still my baby and I like that time together. He's such an angel when he's next to me nursing and falling asleep. We've successfully stopped the morning session although he still asks and we're doing pretty good with the nap time session so the bedtime one is the only one left. Tonight's like the 2nd time ever he hasn't nursed. I'm really on the fence about it.

Hmmm what else.... I found out my sister is approx 18 weeks this week. She called me to see if anyone had a crib they were giving away. That's the only time she calls- when she needs/wants something. I may have found her one though so at least the baby will have a bed. She'll need a new mattress though. She goes for her U/S this week I think to find out what she's having.

I'm now 13 weeks along. I can't wait til I'm 18-20 weeks and can find out the sex!! I want to get one of those 3D/4D U/S done too this time and possibly maternity portraits. This is probably our last baby. The chinese gender charts say girl. We'll see.... while at BRU today, I was checking out all the baby bedding and picking out different ones I really liked. I found 2 really cute boyish ones and couple of girly ones too. I told a friend yesterday, I was leaning towards pink colors if it's a girl, but I think she'll just wear pink. Her room however might be lavender. I found some really cute bedding sets in light purple today. Just gotta wait and wonder....