Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Got a few thousand lying around?

(Is it lying or laying? I can never get it right)

So if you do happen to have a "few" thousand just sitting around not doing anything, you may want to check these out.
Princess Coach Bed- that's a bargain price of $4760
Or how about this one? It's ONLY $47,000. What a steal! (Can you sense my sarcasm?)

This one is cute and only $14,339
And I love this one for little boys. I can't leave them out with all the princessy stuff.

Don't forget the armoire! Doesn't everyone have $49,000 for a dresser sitting around?

Wow! Maybe if I won a multi-million dollar jackpot I could afford one of these but I still don't think I would buy one. The armoire and second Coach bed are both more than dh makes in a year!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Goofy gov't program

I applied at the beginning of the year for free/reduced lunches for Logan at school. It's now been 6 weeks and I have never heard anything. No letters, no email. I just called to see what was going on and he is eligible for reduced price (actually free since the county picks up the $0.40 cost) but they don't send out that info unless you're denied. Okay then. How was I supposed to know that? It wasn't on the paperwork. I don't see it on the website. Ugh. He always brings lunch anyway and hasn't asked about buying but I wanted to know just in case.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why did I waste money....

On swimming lessons? Because Logan seems to forget what to do the minute he touches water. When we went to our friends' house yesterday the boys went swimming. Logan went running and jumped in. It isn't super deep but he jumped right into the middle of the pool which is the deepest part (volleyball pool). He started bobbing up and down to take breaths and was clearly in trouble so Frank jumped in to help him. I'm just thinking OMG swim already. I wasn't in panicky mode bc I was standing right there. So why did I spend all that money on lessons again? Ian had lessons as well although had Thom not moved away he would have had at least another season or two of lessons. Now he acts terrified of the water like he did when he first started lessons 2 years ago. He clung to dh even though we did have a floatie vest on him. These kids drive me nuts. Argh!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just the usual...

Busy Saturday. Dh started the day by replacing my bathroom faucet. My mom came over for a few minutes to pick something up and bring Logan's gifts over and then my BIL/futureSIL came over to bring another gift. They also brought over cupcakes and candles so they could sing to him. Aww. SIL and I ran out to a yard sale in the neighborhood really quick so I could see what kind of baby clothes they had. I got Bella a couple of things. Most of it was just too worn looking or too small. After they left it was rush, rush, rush to get ready to go.

We had made plans to go to a friend's house near Dade City today to play with their boys and swim. This couple is so nice. Dh and I both worked with Frank for a few years and we've kept in touch. They have 3 kids too and we swear our kids are clones. They act alike, they fight alike, they're just as dramatic, etc.

Them- ds5.25yrs straight thick hair
Us- ds6yrs straight thick hair

Them- ds3yrs(month younger than Ian) curly sandy hair
Us- ds3yrs curly sandy hair

Them- dd3mo comb over hair
Us- dd6mo comb over hair

Anyway, we get along really well and always have a nice time so it was great to hang out with them for a while. They have a beautiful house on 7 acres with a natural fishing pond and pool. I can dream of a home like theirs- minus the pond. They are just too far out in the boonies for my liking though. The grocery store is 20 miles away. There is no pizza delivery. No restaurants. Nothing but orange groves and horses, cows and camels. Yes, I said camels. Dh said somebody over there owns them. Why they have them, I don't know.

So that was the bulk of our day. I'm thinking of going to MOSI tomorrow since it will be the last time we can get in free as a family but we'll probably end up working around the house. It's still a complete disaster but it's all going this week. I'm ready to have my house back!

Friday, September 26, 2008

So quiet...sshh

All the kids are asleep. Dh is at the movies with some co-workers. All I hear is the computer and the dryer. Ahhhh.

Stupid People

If I email you and tell you that the carseat you have for sale on Craigslist is expired and that's why I flagged it, do NOT relist it. Is a child's life really worth the $20 you want for the expired seat?! Stupid!

Babywearing at the park

Ian, Bella and I went to the park this morning with some friends. It was too nice of a day to pass up. We don't get many non-humid days at this time of year so I like to take advantage. I decided to wear Bella in my new O&A SSC. I tried getting her on my back but it took 3 tries and help from a friend in order to do it. How come I don't have these issues at home? I felt stupid because I know anyone looking at me was probably thinking "and that's why I use a stroller" or "that just looks too complicated". Ugh. I want to be a role model for babywearing. Guess I need more practice and Bella needs to learn to keep her legs in one place! LOL

I did talk to one mom who was wheeling a huge travel stroller everyone included ON the equipment (wheelchair accessible playground). I mentioned she should try BW and her reaction wasn't what I expected. She was all like I'm a 3rd time mom and I've tried this and that and she(baby) wants me to hold her and blah, blah, blah. So I just mentioned I had a wrap with me if she wanted to try it when the baby woke up and then dropped it. I don't get her excuses though. Her baby wants to be held. Hello?! What do you think you're doing? Your baby is up against your chest if you are doing a front carry. There's no where better! Ugh. I'm guessing she started out with a pouch that was too big or a ring sling she didn't like/know how to use or even an uncomfortable Bjorn and now she's just turned off of BW. Wish I could have helped her.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Half a year old!

Happy 6 months to my sweet Bella!

Scrunchy face

Babywearing Circa 1963

The Mei Tai hasn't changed much except we don't "lash" our kids in. LOL Think the wood seat was the precursor to an infant bucket seat? She was way ahead of her time!

I feel out of breath. Phew.

All morning long I've been on the computer. I've been deleting and reposting all my Craigslist stuff as a Last Chance offer. I've gotten a bunch of hits too, one payment and one buyer meeting me tonight. That's $110 right there. Yippee! After Sunday, whatever is left is going bye-bye. I'm tired of looking at it. It's a mess and my house looks awful! If you see something you like, let me know. I'll even ship it if you cover shipping!

It feels like FALL

It's not very often I get to walk outside and feel like I want to go back and get a sweater. Logan walked out the door this morning and said "It's COLD Mama!". LOL He's definitely my Florida boy. I was even a bit chilled. It was probably in the upper 60s outside. In September. Woohoo! I know it won't last but man it's nice! I actually want to go outside. Keep it coming God. The break is nice.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funny Videos

Because I have nothing else to say at this moment, please enjoy these videos instead. You may want tissues for some of these whether out of laughter or joy.
Jason Scares his Aunt
Santa Come Home
Wii Baby


I finally sold that Coach bag I've had since last summer. Phew. Believe it or not, the same mom has bought every. single. purse. She must love Coach! I asked her today if she sold them and she said no, she uses all of them. Wow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stupid Driver

Argh! I was coming home from Costco and the Credit Union this morning and I was stopped at the green light on Bloom./Bryan to make a left turn. There was a lot of traffic coming so I was just waiting to catch a break. I finally get one and start to turn and hear a honk. I didn't pay much attention to it but all of a sudden the truck behind me barrels AROUND me at the turn light to get in front of me. For those who aren't local, it's only one lane. Now I'm pissed. The light wasn't changing to red so it's not like he was missing it. I of course honked at him and I'm sure the people going the opposite way were bugging out. I got his license # but it's not like I can do anything with it. I was shaking I was so mad. I called dh and I hope the driver thought I was calling the cops. LOL I have my kids in the car. Don't be an idiot driver. Grrrrrr

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gifted Meeting

So I had my meeting with the school psychologist and counselors today. Basically what they gave Logan a few weeks ago was a screener to see where he fit and if he would even qualify into the program. Today they just wanted to talk a bit about him and then I signed the paperwork to actually have him tested. So still no answers. I'll update more when I know.

Great Mail Day!

Everything came today. Yippee! Got both of my carriers and of course I tried them on immediately. Even did a back carry in my O&A and Bella didn't complain. I tried 2 different carries in my new wrap. Still not brave enough for a back carry. She's so little and my arms aren't that flexible to hold her and wrap at the same time. I put her on my back in the O&A while sitting on the bed just in case she fell. :-O

My books are here although I seem to have no time to start them. I'll do that tomorrow. And dh's Crocs along with mine came in but mine are going back. :( I got the Adara and they are too wide for even my wide feet. Darn. That's why I don't like shopping online. It beats paying full retail though even if it takes a bit longer.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

First food

Bella got her first taste of "real" food tonight! She'll be 6 months old on Thursday. Wow.

She seemed to like it. She ate half a very small jar of sweet potatoes. I had to keep holding her hand(s) down though. I'd put food in her mouth and her fingers would quickly follow. She loves those fingers!

Before: I'm hungry Mama!!

I'll eat your finger if I can't have mine.


What is this?? It doesn't taste like my mama milk!

Maybe it will be better with fingers.

New Toy

Dh was cleaning out the shed this morning to get to our high chair and brought Ian's exersaucer in for Bella to try out. She seemed to like it! We are missing a toy or two and I have no idea where they've gone. Wonder if I can get replacement pieces. I like that I can bring her in the kitchen with me now when I'm cleaning up or cooking.
Here are a few pics.

Studying her "book". Okay, she was really wanting to pull it to her mouth but it doesn't reach.

She loves her brother(s).

Can't quite reach it. She wants that toy to chew on. Now.

Follow me!

Check it out over there <---------. See it? Now you can be my fan and follow my blog. You can also add me to your reading list.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Patience is not my thing

I hate waiting on mail, especially when it's fluffy mail! Where are my new carriers??? One was sent from Canada a week ago and the other was just shipped Thurs/Friday so I'm not really expecting that one until next week. I keep checking the tracking numbers on one carrier and my new books (Twilight for book club and Brisingr for fun) to see where they are!

Are they here yet? Are they here yet?

Wanna see what I'm getting?
Gypsy Mama Crinkle Gauze (hand dyed) wrap in Rainbow Sherbert


Olives & Applesauce (O&A) 16" in Disco Dots. This is a SSC (Soft Structured Carrier) so it's a bit different from my Mei Tais. I can see how babywearing can get addictive! LOL

I sold my Kozy and the fabric so I could fund both of these. I'm antsy to get them and try them out!

Friday, September 19, 2008


I keep seeing an ad on Craigslist for a Bare Naked Bobby and it kills me every time! It's a BOPPY, not bobby. You can imagine what I picture every time I read it. LOL

If you are hungry...

do not...I repeat, do NOT check out this website. Your tummy will start growling. I'm full from dinner at Sweet Tomatoes tonight and just looking at these pics makes me drool.

BTW, Logan stuck to the Sweet Tomatoes birthday dinner and ate a good size salad tonight along with macaroni & cheese, quattro formaggio focaccia (aka pizza sticks), and a small plates of desserts (spoon of mousse, pudding, blueberry muffin). I stepped outside my box tonight and had their Irish Potato Leek soup (needed salt and then was delish) and Asian Ginger Broth in which you added your veggies seperately (tasted like beef broth) along with my salad and dessert (Choc. Lava Cake- yum!).

It didn't last

The weather that is. An hour after I posted it was HOT again. A bit drier but still hot. Come on fall!!! I told dh we need to move further north. Even north FL had cooler temps earlier this week since they got a cold front that stalled just short of us. Blah.

Did I miss something?

Did a cold front move thru? It's absolutely beuatiful outside right now. I just walked out to get the garbage can and there's a breeze and it's not incredibly hot or humid. It's...can I say it....nice out. In September. Could it stay this way for a while? Please?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Logan wanted blueberry muffins as his birthday treat to share with his class today so dh brought home 2 dozen Otis Spunkmeyer muffins. Those things are the size of Bella's head! LOL I took them up to his school at lunch time (hello 10am) and helped pass them all out. Talk about a noisy room. But the kids were all pretty polite. This one boy who sits with Logan just talked and talked and talked to me.....I don't think I heard half of it since it was so noisy inside. He reminded me a bit of Logan since he's also a big talker.

So what did Logan get? He got $100 from dh's boss/friend, the 3rd season of Scooby Doo (bc that's what Ian picked out), a Wall-E game for his Lmax, and 2 video games I got on clearance earlier this year. He plans to go buy a new Lego video game tomorrow night after dinner. He also got strawberry shortcake ice cream cake. Yum!

I didn't get many shots of him today. He was being silly and wouldn't look at the camera.
Lunchroom today-

Cheeeeeese smile after opening his gifts- still sweaty from tumbling class. Photobucket

It's a Small World After All

It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small, small world. Are you singing yet? Are you cursing me under your breath for putting the song in your head?

Well it's true! I met up with a Craigslister today to sell some of my baby clothes. When she got out of the car, she immediately says,"did you go to ____school?" I said Yes. Turns out we went to elementary school together! I recognized her maiden name. She totally remembered me and where I lived and my glasses (oh how I loathed those). Kinda scary how much she remembered. LOL

She said she still lives in ____ neighborhood. No way! Guess where I happen to live? So we live on opposite sides of the neighborhood! She has 3 kids (GGB) too and her oldest goes to Logan's school although they are years apart. Her middle dd is a year older than Ian and her youngest a month older than Bella.

Small world!

Happy Birthday!

Sorry about no post from me yesterday. I had nothing to talk about. I know how much you miss my witty (not) posts so I apologize. ;)

So today is Logan's BIRTHDAY!! My baby boy is 6 years old. Officially he won't be 6 until later tonight but I was in labor lying in the hospital bed bored but comfy at this time. We have tumbling tonight but we plan to celebrate tomorrow with his choice of place for dinner. When asked where he'd like to go I've gotten Olive Garden and Sweet Tomatoes. Why ST? From his lips, "I want a salad." Woohoo!! Maybe I am doing something right!

Dh and Ian are going to get him a little cake tonight though for after tumbling. As for a party, maybe next weekend. It's too darn hot to do anything outside and I don't have enough room for family inside much less adding all our friends in. I was thinking of having an Un-Birthday party for him when it cools off a bit. No gifts, but just a fun party so all his friends could come. We'd still do cake too! Think I'd get flak for that?

Anyway, Logan was born at 5:58pm I believe. My memory is shot. He was 8lbs 15oz and is still my big boy. He towers over some of the 1st/2nd graders and even some of the 5th graders at school. He's the sweetest boy and is loved by everyone. I'm very blessed!

Just a "few" pictures. ;)

Just born! He was just a wee bit bruised.

1st birthday- Sesame Street theme. He devoured that cake!!


2nd birthday- Farm theme

Yes, that's my fat self back there. And that's a tiny Trey next to Logan if you didn't know. They were always best buds.

3rd birthday- at Pump It Up, Wiggles Theme

Go Jen!!Photobucket

There's Trey again!

4th Birthday- Cars theme

5th birthday- spent the week at Disney

6th birthday- no theme yet....pics to come

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meeting on Monday!

I got a letter today from school to have a conference with the gifted teacher, guidance counselor and teacher(s) on Monday. Not sure if it's a "he's in" conference and what we can expect now or a "he's not in" and the reasons why. I'm nervous and anxious to find out!

Apparently the hold up was the applications for free/reduced lunches. What? Yea, I said that too. Those who qualify for lunches can actually score lower on the test and get in since "they" think those kids may not have parental involvement, access to computers, etc. The lunch program was behind on applications. I asked his teacher this morning about the application since we did turn one in and what other students were doing if they hadn't been approved yet. They've been eating those plain cheese sandwiches and white milk for the past month. I feel horrible for those kids! She said many times, they don't even eat it. It's not the kids' fault the county is behind in it's job!

Update on our Healthcare situation

I was on the phone all morning. The phone systems kept hanging up on me but I was persistant today! I needed to get to the bottom of why Bella wasn't covered. I know we qualify! So I called KidCare and they told me that Ian's paperwork should be in the mail and that's all they could tell me on that so now I wait... For Bella, they told me to call Medicaid and find out why we didn't qualify. I'm glad I didn't just accept what the letter said bc KidCare screwed something up and had us down as a family of 3, not 5. As a family of 3, we wouldn't qualify, but as 5 we do! So I had to call KidCare back again to have them resubmit the paperwork and now I have to wait another week or two. At least I'm getting somewhere!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Made a new header!

What do you think? At lease my digi scrapping stuff is getting some use! A lot of my files have been corrupted.

All of the papers and elements are courtesy of Digitalfreebies.com's artists: Lauren Grier, Amanda Rockwell, and Maria LaFrance.

No gas??

I've never seen anything like it. I went to the local gas station (Racetrac) this morning to meet up with some Craigslist buyers and afterwards I decided to get gas (poof! all the money I just made is now gone!). Nearly 3/4 of the gas pumps were empty! And the price has jumped $0.30 since we filled up last. Argh.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seriously people?

Only one person commented on me wearing a huge snake around my neck? (Thanks Melodie!) I think that's totally comment worthy. Tell me I'm crazy, tell me I'm awesome (which I totally am), just tell me somethin'!

I know you're out there...lurking...I can see you! Click on that button and write me a note!

Kid updates

I think Bella is teething. She's been cranky lately. She's usually such a laidback baby and evenings haven't been pleasant lately. Poor thing. I've been giving her teething tablets before bed and I think they may be helping.

Ian is (and has been for a while) officially potty trained- day and night! We have had a couple of accidents here and there and I know they are just accidents. We put him to bed Friday night after Disney with his clothes on since he was so exhausted and he couldn't get them off fast enough when he woke up. It's okay, I'm thrilled I only have one child in diapers!

No news on Logan to report. I still haven't heard anything on his testing. Guess I need to get this lady's name and make a phone call.

Sell, sell, sell!

I've been busy posting Craigslist stuff all day. So far, I've had hits on like 5 of my listings and I'm selling 3 of those tomorrow! Woohoo! They are all listed over <---- there in my side bar. I'll ship too if any of my friends are reading. I just ask you pay shipping and any PP fees if you use a credit card!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What I wouldn't give...

To see this commercial played on the US airwaves instead of all the formula commercials (which are banned in many countries). I'll never understand the hangups up American people and breasts.

Breastfeeding is not sexual people.

Get over it!

New pets?

Nah! But I don't mind holding them or touching them. We went to a friend's birthday party today and this was the entertainment!



Like my new fashion accessory? There were several snakes, a bearded dragon, tarantula, alligator and a frog. The kids all had a blast. Ian wouldn't go near any of them though. There were only a few things that Logan wouldn't touch like the spider for one! I haven't held a boa like that since I was a kid. I want to say it was at Busch Gardens years ago. This one was named Carlos I think and weighed about 35lbs.


I applied to the Fl KidCare program for my kids since we recently lost our health insurance. The way they have it all set up, birth to age 1 would get Medicaid, 1-4 gets MediKids and 5-18 gets Healthy Kids. So far the only child approved was Logan. I haven't gotten a letter on Ian. But here's the kicker- Bella was denied bc we make too much for Medicaid so the one child who needs medical coverage the most (vaxs, well visits) has NO heath coverage! This sucks! I'd gladly pay a small monthly premium for her (it's $20/mo for Logan) but there is no option for her until she turns one. I'd have to pay out of pocket for her 6mo visit or take her to a free clinic somewhere.

Could we please vote in a president that gives a rats ass about healthcare for our kids?? Preferably someone who's "been there" and knows the struggles and cares.

Friday, September 12, 2008


What a tiring day! Judge me if you will, but we took the boys to Disney today. Go ahead, tell me what a bad mom I am. Logan's homework was turned in early and I have his list for next week already so we were good to go. It was Robert's last official day of vacation too.

We decided to hit Epcot today. We got to do quite a bit! Spaceship Earth, Nemo, Soarin' (twice), Mexico's boat ride, new shows/stuff inside Innoventions (free velcro frogs!) and Test Track! Since Ian is now tall enough, he was able to do both Soarin' and TT. He never smiles on rides but he says he loves them when they are done and wants to go again. This was only my second time on Soarin' and I loved it even more. We were in the 2nd row and it was better than the 3rd row. Maybe one day I'll make it up front. It really does feel like you're flying!

New stuff- Velcro is now a sponsor of an exhibit at the Innoventions building. They put on a little show and some kids get to participate in building a velcro skyscraper and the second half of the show, a couple of dads get to participate in a baby diapering/feeding race. Guess who was picked? Yep- dh!! LOL I was cracking up! I'll post the video in a sec.

Right outside the show is a velcro frog station. Jen, I'm sure your boys will love this. They are just plain green frogs and you get to dress them up with crowns, glasses, ties, clothes, etc. We even got Mickey ears for Ian's frog. All FREE! Still not as good as the free robots we were getting but it's all good.

There's also a new recycling/Waste Mgmt exhibit and storm exhibit. The WM exhibit wasn't working at the time. The storm one is a preparedness quiz and puzzle thingy. We didn't really go thru it.

What else....spotted a Daddy Babywearer today! When I came off of Soarin' he was standing nearby wearing an Ergo. I had never seen one in person so I went over to talk to him. Little ole shy me stopped a complete stranger (a man at that) to ask him about his carrier. I really liked the look of it. (Did I mention I sold one of mine to try a new one? More of that in another post)

Can I just say what a pleasant, wonderful baby girl I have? She fussed maybe once or twice today. She was up way past her bedtime and didn't make a peep despite being super tired until we got home and I set her in her crib. Then she let me know she was ready for bed! LOL I think I have the only baby in the world who won't sleep in the car too. She doesn't cry at all, she just sucks her fingers and sometimes talks back there. Ian however was asleep before we even hit the parking lot! Ok enough jabbering...here's that video. I'm lucky I got it. My battery was THIS close to being dead.

How cute is he in his pink/purple apron?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Christmas in September?

Would you believe I saw Christmas decor at SuperTarget along side all the Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff?! Seriously? What's next? Valentine's day in June?


Where were you on 9-11? That day is forever burned into my memory. I can't remember when Logan got his first tooth, but I can remember 9-11.

I was working at that time. I always had my radio on and was listening to the MJ Morning Show when they broke in that a plane had hit the tower. I told my boss and we ran out to his van which had a tv in it. We were just in time to see the second plane hit. Astonished, stunned, I don't think there's a word to describe what we were feeling at that moment. We knew it just wasn't coincidence even though we hoped it was. We hoped it was just an accident. Just a small plane that hit.

We came back in and although we still needed to work, our ears were glued to the radio. When I heard the first tower had fallen, I told my boss and he didn't believe me. There's no way a skyscraper could just fall. Then the second tower fell. I get chills just thinking about that day.

Oh my. I just turned on MSNBC and they are replaying the news footage from that day. The phone calls from eye witnesses, the actual pictures of the towers burning. It's still so unreal that such an event could occur, that people could be filled with such hatred to kill thousands of innocent people, and not just Americans. There were people from 90 different countries killed in the attacks.

I was glued as were millions of others to the tv for days and weeks to come. Everyone was praying for a miracle, that the rescuers would find someone, anyone alive in the rubble. There are still so many that were never recovered and so many unanswered questions. I hope everyone takes a moment today to reflect, say a prayer and/or moment of silence, and hug your loved ones. My thoughts are with all Americans today and to everyone worldwide who has lost a loved one in the attacks.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fabric for sale!- SOLD!

Wow! I totally forgot to blog on Monday. First time all year!

I went out to Joann's this morning to get some fabric. I really wanted to make a wrap to carry Bella. I knew what I should have gotten but I was blinded by the gorgeous-ness (is that a word?) of this brocade/sari fabric and got it instead. I know it can be used for a carrier, but it's just too slippery for me. If anyone's interested, LMK!! It's up for sale now! It's turquoise/mint green with a print/pattern on both sides (no wrong side). I have 5 yards- $40ppd.

This doesn't show the true color of the fabric. It's much prettier in person but no matter what lighting/setting I used, I couldn't get it to come out right.
Photobucket Image Hosting

This is closest to the colors.
Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Vacation day 2

I think I forgot to mention that dh is on vacation this week. It's nice having him around- for a week at least. We headed to the Florida Aquarium this morning to see some fish, sharks, penguins and more! Unfortunately, they are undergoing renovation so no sharks and we missed the penguin encounter so no penguins either. Ian was disappointed. I really don't see the appeal in a FA membership except if you have small kids who like to play in their Explore A Shore outdoor water area. Ian's not really into it so we didn't bother today. I guess I'm just not that into looking at fish and either is dh.

After the aquarium, we were all hungry so went to Mimi's Cafe where I got to taste my first fried pickles appetizer. If it ain't fried, it ain't the south! They were okay the first few bites but they were way too salty after that. I need to guzzle down some water tonight and tomorrow! I did have some yummy pot roast with gravy, mashed potatoes and veggies. Mmmm. It's been so long since I had pot roast- probably not since my mom last made it. I may have to make some up in the crock pot one night for the boys and I.

After lunch, it was time to go get Logan at school. We were early (I'm always there at least 30min early so I can park up front) so dh took a nap and Ian watched part of a dvd. Came home, ate dinner and off to tumbling class.

Logan is doing so well in class! He's taking direction really well. No more tears either! He can do a handstand and hold himself up with someone spotting him of course and holding his legs. I can see how his arm muscles have gotten stronger. When we first started, he had jelly arms. I just paid for October's classes tonight so you'll get to hear how he's doing for at least one more month!

Here are a few pics from today!

Who you staring at?!
(It doesn't look like it but this fish was HUGE! He could have swallowed Ian whole)Photobucket



Look! It's Crush!

Bella in our Mei Tai Baby.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Re: Wanna Speculate post

We got a closer look at what we thought was a garbage can when we drove by today. When I took the picture, I just used my long lens to get a good shot. Turns out, it's a bumper or what appears to go under the front bumper of a car. Maybe I'll have to get a close up shot tomorrow. I wish someone would come fix it though! Who do you call in these matters?

Pumpkin Cheesecake Sunday

No, I could not come up with a better title.

What did we do today? Well we had planned on hitting Disney again but my phone fiasco took too long this morning so we ended up going to Babies R Us because dh wanted a "girly" swing for Bella. We can't seem to locate the most important part of our old swing- the motor! We also picked up some fall/cold weather clothes for her on sale. Oh and we saw Heather there!

After shopping, we headed back home for a bit. I was waiting on my mom to call as we were meeting her and her friend Katie for dinner at Olive Garden. Yum! Love their salad and breadsticks! The boys were very well behaved as was Bella. One of the hostesses kept going on about how cute she was and how she looked just like a baby doll. LOL She is cute! She got to wear her first size 6 month outfit today too given to her by our friend Jen in Washington. Finally! It's a little skirt and onesie outfit. Adorable! Oh and the reason for the title- we ordered some Pumpkin Cheesecake to go. It wasn't that good. WAY too much ginger in it so it was too spicy. I'd love to try making it for the holidays though. I can make it better! ;)

Slobbery girl!

I could have cried!

And I was very close to it. While doing some stuff with my phone, I found out there was a firmware update directly from the manufacturer so I started it. Once you are in the middle of it, your phone is useless. It's a blank screen and nothing will work. You also lose all data on your phone so I did my backup first. I started the download and I kept getting an error message. I left it on all night and it still didn't work. Omg. I was searching forums, Nokia's website, blogs and anything I could think of to help me out. I'm lost without my phone. I'm freaking out now. This isn't a cheap phone. Dh spend a lot of money on this as a gift. O.M.G.

On a whim this morning, I asked dh to move my USB cable from my monitor to my tower since the monitor's USB tends to be slow and it worked! Yippee! Woohoo!! Hooray!!! Now I just have to restore all my content and hope that works! LOL At least I have a phone again.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Win an Ellaroo MT or Rolz and Sassy Ring Sling!

Here's another babywearing contest for you! I love to wear Bella and spread the babywearing love to other moms!

Can you see them?

What do you see? I thought it would make a pretty picture. They glowed in the sun. Unfortunately, they are just too fast so this is the best I could get. (I didn't even notice one of our feral cats walking by)


I cropped in for you. See how they glow? They are dragonflies if you hadn't guessed!

Wanna speculate?

What do you think happened? We didn't hear anything last night or this morning. The boys didn't wake up. I know sirens would be turned off since it had to have happened sometime in the middle of the night (I went to bed after 12am). Drunk driver? Hit the garbage can and went out of control? I wonder if they were able to drive off and didn't call the cops. I'm just glad they didn't hit my house!

This is what I saw when I opened the front door. I live on the corner so this is across the street looking to the right from my front door.

ETA: That's someone's trashcan mangled there too. While I was outside getting the mail today, a neighbor I don't know came by and stopped to look. He said he'd been outside until 2am and never heard/saw anything. I checked the Sheriff's log tonight and I didn't see any mention there. It probably wasn't reported. I'm guessing it was a drunk driver!


Friday, September 05, 2008

We won!

Armwood- 9, Plant- 2

Friday Night

I dropped the boys off with dh at his office tonight so he could take them to see his mom so it was just Bella and I. I didn't want to go (smoker's house) plus Bella's been so cranky in the evening lately. I think it's a mix of teething, getting up earlier and not wanting to nap as much. I had no idea what to do with myself! I thought about buying some dinner but ended up just coming home and fixing myself something so as not to spend the money. Bella was asleep by 6:30.

I surfed my websites for a while and then decided to tackle the pile of newspapers- a week's worth- I had sitting in my living room. I'm also listening/semi-watching the Plant/Armwood high school game on ESPN U. Armwood is my alma mater so I'm rooting for them! They are both nationally ranked teams and state champs. The game was sold out at $20/ticket and I heard on the news earlier people were actually scalping tix for $50! For a high school football game! Crazy!

That's it. That was my fun filled Friday night! Aren't you jealous? ;)


This mama is giving away one of her handmade necklaces. So go check out her BLOG and her ETSY shop to win! I like a lot of her stuff but I picked the Tiny Tags necklace for my entry. It was a toss up between that, the Circle of Love or the Family Circle necklaces.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nothing to report

We had a fairly relaxing day. No insane running around. Just to school and back and then to tumbling class tonight. Dh and Ian even joined us about halfway thru class. Luckily for Logan, there was only 1 other student tonight and 2 teachers so he got a private 1 hour lesson! Apparently the Jonas Brothers are here for a concert tonight and all the girls were there. Teams cancelled practice because so many girls were going. The gym was empty!

I did get 2 of my final 3 Ebay auctions ready to ship tomorrow. Only one left and she hasn't paid yet.

I need to get more auctions up. I have an awesome Baby Gap corduroy/"fur" lined coat I need to sell still and a lot of plus size maternity clothes. I have a bunch of M&M dispensers like some of these, although mine are older versions. Some are NIB minus the M&Ms though. ;) Don't ask me why we collected these. Most were given to us by the Mars reps who came into our office but we did buy a couple. So much to do still....

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Disney pics

Okay, here they are!

Longest chess game in history



Happy girl! I think she was diggin' the Cosmic Rays music sung by "Sunny Eclipse"

Getting ready for Big Thunder Mt RR!

Logan got to "drive" the Ferry Boat. He also got a pilot's certificate. I'm not so sure he's ready for a car though. Not only did he keep looking away, he wasn't understanding how to turn the wheel!



Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I know I said I'd have pics for you but I just haven't had time!

After taking Logan to school, I came home and fed Bella and then started fiddling with Ebay stuff I had to get out. Then we left to meet our friends at Mimi's Cafe for a surprise baby shower for our friend Heather who is due in just a few weeks with her second baby boy. Wanna know what I had? Of course you do! It was the triple berry french toast stuffed with cream cheese with cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon and a tall glass of oj. Doesn't that sound yummy?! So yummy and so fattening that it was both breakfast, lunch and snack for today! I was so busy I didn't eat again until dinner.

So after eating, we stopped by the post office to drop off a package. Bella wasn't happy, she was tired and ready to go home. I was going to do the self serve kiosk but quickly realized someone had jammed the box drop off and I wasn't about to stand in a line 20 deep so I said forget it and went home. Fed Bella again, put her down for a nap, put Ian down for a nap, started typing in Ebay addresses, weighing packages, printing labels and all of a sudden it was time to get Logan. Phew.

After school, I had to go by the Dollar Store to get gallon size baggies for the contents of my packages and drop off the box from this morning since I went home and printed/paid for my label from my PC. Luckily for me, it was a one stop trip because I spotted the mailman in the parking lot and dropped it off with him. Yea!!!! We also stopped in the Lizard/snake store for a quick peek around. I knew the boys would like it.

Got home, fed Bella again, got Logan dressed for tumbling, did dishes, cooked and ate dinner, topped off Bella, dropped Ian off with Daddy at work and headed for tumbling class. By the time we got home it was time to feed Bella again, put her to bed, throw in a load of laundry, and go to the grocery store. Are you as out of breathe as I am?? Came home, showered, made Logan's lunch and with dh's help, got a bunch of Ebay stuff ready for pickup tomorrow. I still need to dry my hair and get to bed. I hope tomorrow is a bit lighter on the schedule! ;)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Disney Day #2

Today was Magic Kingdom day! Since Gustav moved north, it was much hotter today with only an occasional breeze. Thankfully there are plenty of air conditioned shops to walk in/by to cool off and lots of rides too!

We got there just before 11am I guess and we were able to park practically up front. It was so nice! We were able to walk up to the TTC to catch the monorail instead of having to drag everything on the tram. Our first stop in the park was to get a Dole Whip and Rootbeer Float (yum!) and then we got on Pirates of the Carribean. Ian said it was too scary (whatever- he's been on it a hundred times) so we sat out. I fed Bella and dh and Logan went on. Of course, not 2 minutes after they left, Ian wanted to go on. He just had to wait though. I tried calling dh but couldn't get through. We all rode after they got back.

Even though the park was slow, we got FastPasses for Thunder Mt Railroad so we could get right on. We also got a Child Swap pass and discovered that Ian is officially tall enough to ride the *big* coaster now! Woohoo! So after dh and Logan got off the first ride, I took both boys on. Ian said he loved it. That's my boy! I'm so glad they love coasters! We did a few more things before packing it up to go to Downtown Disney to the Lego store. As if we didn't spend enough money already! yes, we got even more Legos!

Now we're home, everyone is fed and all kids are in bed. I'm exhausted and sunburned. I have a million Ebay auctions I have to get in the mail in the next 3 days and no supplies to do so plus I have plans tomorrow morning with some friends, tumbling classes....phew!

You'll get pics tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight!