Monday, September 01, 2008

Disney Day #2

Today was Magic Kingdom day! Since Gustav moved north, it was much hotter today with only an occasional breeze. Thankfully there are plenty of air conditioned shops to walk in/by to cool off and lots of rides too!

We got there just before 11am I guess and we were able to park practically up front. It was so nice! We were able to walk up to the TTC to catch the monorail instead of having to drag everything on the tram. Our first stop in the park was to get a Dole Whip and Rootbeer Float (yum!) and then we got on Pirates of the Carribean. Ian said it was too scary (whatever- he's been on it a hundred times) so we sat out. I fed Bella and dh and Logan went on. Of course, not 2 minutes after they left, Ian wanted to go on. He just had to wait though. I tried calling dh but couldn't get through. We all rode after they got back.

Even though the park was slow, we got FastPasses for Thunder Mt Railroad so we could get right on. We also got a Child Swap pass and discovered that Ian is officially tall enough to ride the *big* coaster now! Woohoo! So after dh and Logan got off the first ride, I took both boys on. Ian said he loved it. That's my boy! I'm so glad they love coasters! We did a few more things before packing it up to go to Downtown Disney to the Lego store. As if we didn't spend enough money already! yes, we got even more Legos!

Now we're home, everyone is fed and all kids are in bed. I'm exhausted and sunburned. I have a million Ebay auctions I have to get in the mail in the next 3 days and no supplies to do so plus I have plans tomorrow morning with some friends, tumbling classes....phew!

You'll get pics tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight!

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Melodie said...

Do you want me to bring you some boxes and/or stickers in the morning?