Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kid updates

I think Bella is teething. She's been cranky lately. She's usually such a laidback baby and evenings haven't been pleasant lately. Poor thing. I've been giving her teething tablets before bed and I think they may be helping.

Ian is (and has been for a while) officially potty trained- day and night! We have had a couple of accidents here and there and I know they are just accidents. We put him to bed Friday night after Disney with his clothes on since he was so exhausted and he couldn't get them off fast enough when he woke up. It's okay, I'm thrilled I only have one child in diapers!

No news on Logan to report. I still haven't heard anything on his testing. Guess I need to get this lady's name and make a phone call.


Melodie said...

Bella probably is teething. She's at that age. I read somewhere that the average baby cuts their first tooth at 6 1/2 months, and she's almost 6 months now.

I assume you are talking about the gifted testing with Logan. Did they already have you sign the paperwork allowing them to give him the K-bit? They won't test him without that, and it could take a while if they don't have a certified tester on campus. They may have to wait for someone to come to the school to do the testing. Once they test, though, they usually get you the results pretty quickly, especially if he does well and they want to do the full testing (and you have to sign again for that). Good luck!

Karlise said...

Yes, I signed all the paperwork and he was tested on the 28th/29th of August.