Monday, July 30, 2007


Vent: I'm pregnant and hormonal. Don't F with me! Our buddy is here to install our laminate floors. He wants to do it one way bc it's "easier" and I want it to go the other. If you don't want to do it my way, don't do it at all. I don't want to walk down my hallway and have the planks going horizontally. It's ugly. You took on the job, you're getting paid for it, do it the way I want it done. Ugh. (I just peeked in and it looks like he's doing it my way)

This weekend:
We went to see Thomas Live on Stage Saturday night. That was fun! I choked up a little when I heard the kids so excited. Logan was fascinated by the entire show. Even Ian was repeating stuff that happened in the show (choo choo rock stuck). Logan wants to go again next year.

Sunday we went to the beach with some friends. The waves were really hard and high. I didn't venture into the water at all. I don't like waves that big. Logan had a blast though. It was Ian's 1st time and he reacted just like Logan did the 1st time. He didn't like the sand on his feet. Unlike Logan though, he wanted nothing to do with the water, not even the shallow tidal pool area (no waves). He still had fun though. I was impressed by the lifeguard too. He did a good job of patrolling the beach and keeping everyone away from the rocks/wall. He nearly had to save a little boy who got very close to smacking into the wall. His parents were on the beach and should have been in the water with him IMO. The waves were breaking hard. The weather held out for us even though it threatened rain for a while when we got there. On our way home though we hit a bunch of storms. I'm talking about driving 30-40mph in a 70mph zone bc you just couldn't see the car (red in my case) in front of you.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Ok so not much of a surprise to any of my friends anymore but I'm PREGNANT!! It's been a long time since I posted bc I didn't want to spoil anything if someone from my family had read this. We found out last Sunday after AF didn't come. It was due Friday and I am very regular so something was obviously up. I had a HPT someone had send me in my BOC bag a while bag and took it and it almost immediately read positive. Oh My Goodness. I had to call dh back to the bedroom since he was in the kitchen (he didn't know I was taking it) and I showed it to him and started bawling. I didn't know whether to be happy or shocked but I was def. overwhelmed at the prospect of another baby. It had always only been talk of having a 3rd. I'm still overwhelmed. I have so much to do to get ready. The boys will have to share a room which means a lot of weeding thru stuff and figuring out the logistics. I'm glad we'll have our new family room now though as we need the square footage. I told all my friends via my "new" website. We told our families only yesterday at a themed lunch I held. The menu consisted of Baby back ribs, Baby carrots, Baby spinach with Baby tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, Baby asparagus and garlic bread. I was planning ice cream with a side of pickles if noone had guessed. My Mom was the first to guess when I said it was a themed meal. She says she already had an idea since the only time we entertain is holidays. Oh well... George(BIL) who said he was "sharp as a razor" didn't get it at first even after being told over and over about the baby theme. LOL

I'm so tired already with this pregnancy. My hormones are so completely out of whack. I am grumpy all the time with my boys and I hate it. I'd rather have sore boobs. I know it only lasts a little while though so hopefully it will end soon enough. We are def hoping for a little girl. I will be happy with another boy though. At least I have an idea what I'm in for.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ever feel the need?

To tell someone they suck? I don't mean playfully, I mean tell them outright that what they are doing sucks- big time. I really just want to call my sis and tell her off. I sent my mom an email last night about some discount tickets I saw for a theme park. I thought it would be fun for her to take my nephew. She wrote me back and sounded very hurt bc my sister won't let her have my nephew for the day- any day apparently. Since my dear sister left her dh and got with the "boyfriend", she's done nothing but be a bitch, and ungrateful bitch at that. My parents have done everything they can for her but damn, she's a grown adult. It's time for her to grow up. I think her new BF may be a controlling person and her low self esteem doesn't help. My parents give her money when she needs it (Bank of Mom!), helped buy her a car, gave her said car today so they don't get bad credit for her not paying on it and never get paid anything back. Sis got a huge tattoo instead of paying them back with her tax refund for several loans. Also got new cell phones. Niiccee!

Ahhhh! So I wrote all of the above out this morning and then tonight I get a phone call from my mom. She saw my sis today bc she wanted sis to sign the title on her car so Mom doesn't have to worry about it anymore (accidents, no ins, not paying for the loan...) My sister is....PREGNANT!! Noooooo!! You'd think I should be happy for her but she is so f'in stupid! This guy is a total loser. A loser who already has 2 children he does NOT support and is NOT allowed to see by court order from what I understand (don't know the whole truth here). She can barely afford my nephew and now she's bringing another baby into this world. So many people out there want children and can't have them. I just don't understand it. It happened though and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm sure I'll have to throw her a baby shower since she can't afford anything. I'm not giving her my stuff except some maternity clothes maybe. She probably won't want those anyway. She likes to squeeze into anything that 2 sizes too small.

I love my sister, don't get me wrong, but I don't like my sister. I don't like the way she's leading her life and what she's doing to her son. ( He hasn't seen his dad in months!) I don't like the situations she gets herself into. I really don't like the way she treats mom. How did two siblings grow up so completely and totally opposite of each other?!

ARGH!!!!!!! Glad I can vent this!!

On another note- to the cashiers at JCPenney tonight over in the lingerie dept. YOU SUCK TOO! I've never seen such rudeness. They weren't that busy but you'd think there were 20 people in line. There was maybe a handful of customers. I had picked up a pair of pj pants off the clearance rack but they had no tag. Apparently they were part of a set but had gotten seperated. Fine, I mentioned I saw them on the rack and she snapped at me that I couldn't buy them that way. Whatever, I walked away to see what else I might like but realized I had to get home. After having her snap and seeing another cashier being really awful, I went to a different register altogether. If I didn't like the Barely There undies so much, I would have left empty handed.

Also, while waiting in line, there was an employee (clearly off duty) also waiting. She helped this one (white) lady out by scanning a few shirts for her to check the price since there was noone around. The lady behind her (Muslim) asked her if this was the line and the employee got rude! OMG. I was appalled by it and felt really bad for the Muslim woman. I just didn't know what to say at that moment. I was across the desk from them too. The employee was Asian but I guess prejudice has no color. If I hadn't been in a hurry and had thought about it, I would have gotten all their names and reported them. I should just write an email to corporate about it. Ugh!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Bit Ticked

I was a bit ticked off earlier. The electrician and A/C guys were supposed to come today to do all their work on the new room. I missed a playdate that we really wanted to go to bc they were coming and guess what?! They didn't show! I had dh call our contractor and he said he didn't know until 3pm when he called them to see how it was going. I just feel it's really unprofessional on the workers' part to not call the contractor or even the homeowner. I can't wait for this all to be over! Let's see if they show up tomorrow morning like they are supposed to.

ETA: They did show up this morning (Wed) at 8:30am and are working on the electric now.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Noises in the night

I really dislike noises in the night. Saturday about 4am I got a bit freaked out when something rattled my bedroom window. It almost sounded like a bird flapping it's wings on the window. I woke up dh though and made him go check. He didn't want to get up at first since in his words, It wasn't something too big, the motion lights didn't go on, but he did get up. He even slept in the living room for the rest of the morning just in case. At least he was home. There's no way I'd have the courage to get up and look. The thought of looking out the window and seeing someone staring back at me freaks me the hell out!!

Bittersweet goodbye

Today was our last swim lesson with Mr. Thom. He's moving to Minnesota on Thursday. :( I'm sad to see him going. He's so great with all the kids he works with. My boys love him to pieces. I don't think Logan really gets that Mr Thom is moving away. I made him a small photo album of the past 2 years worth of lessons so he has something to remember them by. He really liked it and said noone had ever done anything like that for him. He and his dw are taking the move hard now that it's really hit them that this is their last week here. I guess they had a going away thing at church this past Sunday and she broke down. He didn't think she was taking it so hard. I told him he could always change his mind about leaving. ;) And so we'll miss Mr Thom. He taught Logan to swim and taught Ian not only safety and how to swim, but that swimming and being in a pool is fun ( no more screaming!). I can only hope we find swim instructors in the future who have the same great attitude and qualities as Mr Thom.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

House update

with carport
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new room
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all stucco-ed. (will be painted in approx a month- have to wait for it to dry out completely)
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New window - no screen yet. Got a new light for the outside and a new doorbell ringer too
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Saturday, July 07, 2007

It's coming together!

I bought the paint today after having it color matched at Lowes. It's called Hyper Blue and it's purty. I also bought a funky/fun ceiling fan from Lowes online. They claimed to have it in stock but when I got there they said it was special order. Get it together people. I ordered it online with free shipping to the store for pickup. There are some guys stuccoing the house as I type too. They've been here all day. I can't walk out of my front door right now which makes life difficult. I have to go out the back door, thru the gate and around to the front of the house while manuevering around any construction stuff. As long as it gets done soon. I have stuff to do!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Independence Day!! (a day late)

We had a fun holiday. We went to our little hometown parade which is always fun. The kids get so many beads and tons of candy. So much more than they'd ever get at the big city parade here. We had to keep telling Logan to turn around bc he'd be looking at everything in his bag and missing the parade and goodies. Between Logan and Ian, they got a bag full of candy and over 50 bead necklaces. Wow! The weather held out for the parade too although it was drearily overcast the entire time. At least it kept the heat down. After that we went to a friend's house for a BBQ. We did a lot of talking and played some cards. It was nice to sit down as couples and talk too vs one set of parents watching the kids while the others talked. The weather finally broke and it stormed. Nothing unusual for a typical FL summer day. The boys were so tired upon leaving. Ian even fell asleep in the short drive home. Fireworks were going off right outside their windows after bedtime and they didn't hear a peep.
I'm sure I gained 5lbs this week(ETA: I only gained 1 -woohoo!) between all the parties/get togethers I attended. Ugh. Glad tomorrow starts a new week!
Crazy teen next to us who was putting ALL the beads he and his friends got onto his neck. I bet that was heavy!
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Best of Friends! Jen & MePhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
More best friends... Logan and Trey
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Daddy & Ian
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The whole gang of us... (John and Zane off to the left and barely seen, Evan off to the right LOL)Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

House news! The new windows are in! The stucco was dropped off today and we thought they were going to start that today but I guess not. The walls inside will be textured on Saturday and hopefully painted on Sunday if I can think of a color. It takes me weeks to figure this stuff out and they want me to do it in a few days. Argh.

Here's our concept. We want to make this a family movie room. We have a large screen TV and surround sound already. I want this to be a fun room too. I'm thinking Disney/Pixar movie posters on the walls and bright painted walls. The paint I keep eyeballing online is called Frank Blue by Sherwin Williams (#6967) or Honorable Blue (#6811) with everything else trimmed in white.

We still can't decide on flooring though. The echo is the room now is terrible but I know once there's furniture it won't be so bad. We keep going back and forth on what we want in there.

What else...swim lessons are coming to a close. I think we have 1-2 more and that's it before Mr Thom moves away. :( I made him a nice little photo album of the pics I've taken over the past 2 years at his pool. I think he'll like it.

We took soccer pics last week. Here's our team and Logan's indv. pic.
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And a few more just for fun pics to make you smile.
Googly Eyed Ian
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May the Force be with You!
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Arrr me's pirate Ian Sparrow (sorry it's blurry- gotta catch it quick)
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Sunday, July 01, 2007

We've been Boarded!

Our front windows that is. Saturday the guys came out and took out all our old front windows, raised the bottom ledge a few inches and then put plywood up until we can get our new windows installed on Tuesday. Why the days in between? I have no idea! Dh took all our plastic bags and squished them in to the cracks to make sure no critters found their way in. It also helps insulate it. Ian didn't wake up unitl close to 9am this morning because his room was so dark. Do they make darkening blinds that will do that? LOL

Next steps are the stucco which I believe will be done this week or next, the texture on the inside walls and ceiling and the A/C installation. Then we can paint the inside! Yea!! The one downfall to this whole process I found out yesterday is that we can't repaint the outside of the house for a long while. Dh said the stucco has to cure before we can paint which means our house is going to look hideous! (I'm going to double check that) Seriously, the sides and back of the house will be painted and the front and new addition will be stucco grey. Yuck!