Sunday, August 26, 2007

6 Days!!

We leave for vacation in just 6 days!!! I'm so ready for this vacation. It's been 3 whole months since we were last at Disney. I'm jonesing. LOL Today I went out and got 3 maternity shirts since my regular shirt all seem to be shrinking. I just wanted some transitional pieces. I also got another pair of shorts. I know I'm going to have to do laundry at some point on vacation though. I only have 2 bras and a week in the FL heat. I think I'll be handwashing every night. I am ready though! Dh is too. He's been stressed with all the home stuff going on. What a pita it is. The boys are super excited. Saturday morning, Logan woke up and realizing there was no school that day, he wanted to know if it was time for us to go to Disney. One more week.... Ian's been talking about it too. He loves "Nidney".

Last night we went to the Playhouse Disney Live on Stage show in Lakeland. What a fun show! We saw My Friends Tigger and Pooh (with Darby), Handy Manny and friends, the Little Einsteins and Rocket and Mickey and all his pals. The boys loved it. I took some pics (no flash on most) so I'm not sure how well they turned out. I'll upload them soon. We saw our friends Julie and Olivia (and David) and Debbie with her dh and girls, Elizabeth and Jilly. Everyone had a good time. When we left, it was pouring out. We got pretty wet before we decided to let dh go get the car so the boys and I wouldn't get completely soaked (I was wearing white!). I'm glad I let dh drive home bc I hate driving in the rain and it was just nasty out. The lightning was amazing to watch though.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's not been a good week

Monday our house was flooded. Logan stopped up the toilet and the flapper thing didn't work right after flushing (brand new toilet btw) and since we keep the door closed, noone noticed so it kept running! It probably flooded for an hour or so. All of our brand new flooring in the hall and living room are gone. All the carpets in the bedroom have to be replaced as well as the baseboards. I was so upset as you can imagine. Every towel in the house was being used to mop it up and it still wasn't enough. Poor dh- it was his birthday too. We decided it was too much for our pocket book and filed a H.O. claim. The guys (Serv Pro) we called out to dry us out were over $2600 after all was said and done. Ouch! Thankfully that's all covered. The adjuster came out after we were all dried out and took pics and a statement and said hopefully we'll have a check by the end of this week.

All last week the boys had to sleep in the new room(Logan on the airbed and Ian in his crib) and we were finally able to move them to their own rooms last night. Dh spent all day installing some laminate flooring in Ian's room and Logan's only missing a small piece of carpet so he was able to sleep in his bed. Ian needed some normalcy and to get back to naps. Since we had an idea of what we would be reimbursed, we went ahead with doing Ian's room first. It looks nice. I only wish the rest could be the same. What a disaster area.

On top of that, dh and I got a tummy bug Tues/Wed although I seemed to get the worst of it. Not fun. I think I spent the majority of the day lying down. Ian had some yucky diapers which led to a bad rash and Logan stayed completely well. Go figure. Guess all the breastmilk has really done some good for their immune systems. Yea for mommy milk!!

A couple of good notes:

Today we went to a new photo studio at the mall to have some family portraits done. Ian was fine thru the beginning but once we did a wardrobe change he was done. I think he just got hungry and a bit tired. Most of the pics came out well though. They did my hair and makeup which was a treat. My brand new dress' zipper broke (the actual zip part you pull) came off as I was trying to change. Ugh!!!! While it was a bargain dress at 50% off, it was still expensive!! I'm going to have to take it somewhere and see if it can be fixed. Dh bought a couple of 8x10 shots of just me and then we got some family pics.

Logan finished his 1st week of school. He seems to really enjoy it. Last week they had to do bring in something from the letter A for show and tell and we found some airplanes around the house. They also got the eat Astronaut ice cream. He comes home with sand everywhere every day. I have to empty out his shoes. LOL I'm glad he's enjoying himself.

Here are some pics from his 1st day:
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Thursday, August 09, 2007


Wow. My little boy is going to Pre-K this year! We went to his school's orientation today and he had a good time. I left the room for about 30min while he stayed and when I came back he was dancing and singing with a teacher and some other kids. It looks like there are a lot of girls in his class. The 1st thing he told me today before we even got there was he only wanted to play with boys, not girls. Where did he learn that from?? I still worry that he's too advanced for what the curriculum is though. All the state req. before Kindergarten when it comes to the alphabet is that they know 8 letters. 8 out of 26?! Come on. Logan is reading everything in sight. I would guess he's at at least a 1st grade reading level. I know Pre-K isn't so much about learning but when I think of school, I think about learning. They are synonomous in my eyes. I know he's going to learn some stuff like days of the week, month, weather, etc and learn to listen to the teacher but I just want him to keep going. I'm sure next year I'll be typing this same post again. LOL There wasn't much time to speak one on one with his teachers today so hopefully I'll get that chance in the near future.

Ian is going to take this break from his brother hard I think- at least as first. Today while we were in chapel (parents meeting while the kids were in the classroom) all he wanted to do was go get Logan. I'll have to do something with him next week to keep his mind off of Logan.

Here's a small world moment- while at Beall's on Wed, I met this woman who was also buying clothes for her son. We were lamenting on the small selection. Guess who is in Logan's class? Her son! Out of all the preschools in Brandon, I thought that was neat.

No pregnancy updates- nearly 8 weeks now and just as unenergized as ever. I'm dragging by the afternoon. We went out to eat the other night and I swear it took great effort. And don't wake me early from a nap- I'm grumpy! LOL

Friday, August 03, 2007

Room Remodel!!

Ok, here are my pics!

Putting in the floors
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Closer view
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Everything except baseboards and some T-molding done-
Looking down the hallway- forgive all the dust!
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Living room - the speaker on the wall is being moved, the thing that looks like it's on the wall is the fan pull
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New room- It's a mess since we threw everything from the living room in there so they could work on the floors in there. Still need baseboards and might trim the windows too. Still haven't decorated either as you can see.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's not swimming!- stupid vent

It can't be just me... there's a post on one of my boards about 2yr olds and swimming. She wanted to know if any other toddlers could swim on their own. While Ian can get swim a little bit (he's very slow and not coordinated on the kicking part), I'd consider him able to swim a short distance. Other moms jumped in that their kids can swim, but they also had them "swimming" in arm floaties and life vests. That's not swimming!


go out to all the families in MN waiting to hear about their loved ones and to those who have lost someone in the horrible bridge collapse. I can't imagine the horror those on the bridge went thru. Living in FL, you cross a lot of bridges if you want to go across the bay or over to the beach. My mom is very afraid of bridges and won't cross one if she doesn't have to. I'm very wary of them but I really dislike drawbridges and their metal grating. I was watching the news/videos last night and all I kept thinking about was what if...what if that happened here (it did a long time back to our huge suspension bridge- the Sunshine Skyway), what if I was on that bridge with my 2 children strapped in their car seats? How would I get us all out to safety? Ugh I hate those kinds of thoughts. Our swim instructor just moved to MN so I hope he and his family are okay.

On our new room: it's nearly done!!! They are finishing up the floors down the hallway today, the floor in here is done and the living room is almost done. We still need new baseboards which we haven't bought yet. Right now, it's all still very cluttered with everything stuck in boxes in the new room. The kids are having a blast on the new floor though and are loving the extra space. The walk to the bedrooms seems so much longer. We got our new blinds up and our new fan. We'll def. need some floor lamps as it's so dark in here. I'll post pics as we get closer to finished.

All this rain is dreary. I just want to curl up in bed and sleep which I can't do with 2 boys running around. I'm nearly 7 weeks along now. I'm so tired in the afternoon and today my nose is working overtime. Everything smells. Dh heated up some leftover pasta and I had to leave the room. Ugh. It made me nauseous. I made him make the boys' lunches so I wouldn't have to walk into the kitchen.

We're going to have to replace the floor in Ian's room for the 3rd time in 2 years. One of the dogs peed in there twice again. It happened when I was pg before so I wonder if they are sensing something or if it has to do with all the changes going on in the house. Maybe Bandit is rebelling since we shaved her this weekend. I don't know but I can't get the smell out. I poured Nature's Miracle all over the area and it isn't working this time. Blech!!! This time, we'll put laminate or something in there I think.