Sunday, April 22, 2007

My apologies

to Julie and my loyal readers (jen) for not having my small camera on me at Disney today. I love to people watch and Disney is such a great place to do it. Julie turned me on to taking pics of people with a lack of fashion sense (I'm no fashionista but I don't make these faux pas!). Let's see, today I saw a Nascar fan with a mullet (seriously!?), a late 30ish-early 40ish woman wearing black socks with white sneakers (isn't this an old man thing?), man capris- not shorts (he was obviously not from the US), old woman with no bra- obvious by the way her nips were poking out, a guy wearing everything color coordinated in bright colors down to the multicolored shoes! (not browns, we're talking red, yellow, orange, etc) and let's not forget the women who can wear certain shorts/pants but should NOT wear them! Muffin tops, see thru shorts (white undies under white shorts is a no-no people), too short shorts.... ugh.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Let's go Lightning!!!

I got to go to my 1st playoff(NHL) game Wed. night with some friends and it was so much fun. I've missed going to games and didn't realize how much until last night. Back before kids, we had season tickets and had such a blast going. The crowds cheering, screaming, clapping, the intensity of the game, the players feeding off the crowd's energy- it's so ____ at times. I can't even describe it. What a game it was too- came back from a 2 goal deficit to tie the game and went into a sudden death OT. We did lose in OT eventually though. :( Now the series is tied 2-2 and we play in NJ again tonight.

What else is going on? Hmm. Not too much that I can think of. I always think of things to write about until I actually get online and then nothing comes to mind. I need to start planning a 2nd birthday party for Ian. I think Mickey Mouse will be our theme. I saw some cute I Spy pillows on one of my boards that would make great favors if I can get my act together and get the supplies. I'd like to do a no sew option if I can find the stuff. I'm still hoping our new room will be ready but I have a feeling it won't. The walls may be up but I'm doubting the inside will be finished. We haven't heard about our permits coming thru yet so it's not looking good for an inside party. Booo. His birthday falls on a holiday weekend so I can't rent a pavilion at a park either. I'd hate to plan a party, get to a park and have no pavilion available. So once again, I'm at a loss as to what to do. If it wasn't a holiday weekend, I'd say screw it and take him to Disney for the day. LOL

Speaking of Disney, we're going on Sunday and everytime I ask Logan what he wants to do, he always answers Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. That's my boy! He loves all things roller coaster. I can't wait til he's big enough to go on some of the other coasters and rides. The other night, I was trying to keep him awake in the car on our way home. I passed a Disney On Ice billboard so I started talking Disney. I asked what his fave thing about Disney was and the answer.... the hotel! LOL We've only stayed in 2 Disney hotels and I don't know why he enjoyed it so much except that it was someplace new and not home. If I could bring my own bed, I think I'd enjoy the hotels a bit more. Hehe.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Carseat destruction!

I got to kill 2 old carseats today. While cleaning out the shed, we found 2 infant seats. Both were expired so I got to try and destroy them. Man, I couldn't do it! I took a hammer to them and it didn't even dent them. I ended up pulling the covers off, cutting the straps, pulling off the foam and writing all over the shells "Expired, Damaged, Do Not Use". Dh will be taking them to work and throwing them in the dumpster (behind a locked gate) so I don't have to stick them on the curb. It was a rather bittersweet experience.

Friday, April 06, 2007

My "Fly" Boy

Logan got these sunglasses at our Easter Party with our playgroup earlier this week. He put both pair on and this is what we got.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I think he looks like a fly or insect of some sort. LOL

Speaking of the Easter party, Ian loved searching for Easter eggs. He did so much better than Logan ever did at his age. Logan otoh cried when someone got to an egg before he did. Poor thing. His best friend Trey stuck with him though and helped him out. Trey would find an egg and either point one out for Logan or give him one. Awwww. Logan did find the egg with the dollar bill inside though and got the special prize of the day which was a set of craft books. Very cool! Here are a few pics.
Trey and Logan
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Ian showing Zane his loot
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Egg Hunting
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Renovations have begun!

A friend of dh has been working on our house this week. He tiled our main bath and installed a new toilet and he tiled (but hasn't grouted) our master bath and will install a new toilet in there tomorrow. I'm very happy with the results! He does tiling for a living and I now wish we'd known him before bc the bathroom tiling now looks better than the kitchen and it's the same stuff! Here's the hall bath. It was vinyl stick on tiles before.
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Now that the tiling is done, the next step is painting. We've only had the paint sitting here for, oh I don't know, 3-4 months I guess! By the time it's finished, I'll want to change the bathroom again. LOL Here's the shower curtain going in there. The room will be painted the gold-ish color of the faces of the monkey (I think- I can't remember!!).
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We also closed on our loan for the new addition to our house and today we signed the contract to build the new room! So exciting! Once we have the permits, the contractor said it will only take 3 weeks or so to finish the room. He's only doing part of the job though, we'll be doing the drywall, flooring and trim. Dh will hire his buddy again and I'm sure dh and my dad will do some work in there.

And since I'm talking about renovations on the house, I don't think I ever posted what my new door looks like. It probably won't be easy to see as this pic was taken at night, but there is a privacy film over the window that is watercolor. The picture is slightly darker than what the door actually is.
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I think that's it for now.