Friday, November 30, 2007

Little Monster

Ian didn't want me taking a shower this morning. He wanted his "juice". So after a bit of whining and sitting in the bathroom while I showered, he left. I went to get out and he had stolen both of my towels! Little monster. I had to walk out dripping wet to yell to him to bring them back to me. He's too cute to be mad at though.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Beginning to look like Christmas

I decided this year the boys could have their very own Christmas tree. They can move the ornaments all around if they want. I'm hoping having their own tree will deter them from messing with mine once we get it up. Yeah, good luck with that, right? Ian and I went out yesterday and bought everything at Joann's (50% off!) and after naptime, both boys went to decorating it. I even found a strand of battery operated lights (needs one more) to put on the tree. Here are a few pics:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Monday, November 26, 2007

All about Ian

I think Ian has an imaginary friend. Someone named Beko Boko. There's no other explanation for these words. He even told me BB was hiding behind our chair last night. He runs around the house chanting the name sometimes and when I ask questions about him, Ian will answer me. Hmm. So I just asked him where BB was and again, he was behind the chair (next to my desk). Ian said he wanted to play with the soccer ball so I told him to go play with him but Ian said he's stuck to the wall. Then he said BB was crying. Poor BB.

Ian is most definately into the "me do it" stage. He wants to get dressed by himself and pick out clothes now (I give him choices). He even put his shirt on completely by himself this weekend. He wants a big boy cup in the kitchen and to get his water and ice by himself. He's growing up too fast! Now if I could only get him to start on the potty......

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, it's almost over. The food is gone, the company is gone and the boys are in bed. Ahhh. Our day went relatively well. The only I forgot to do was pull the potatoes out of the fridge which set back our eating for a good 30min or so since they needed to be reheated. The turkey from Honey Baked Ham (Cajun) was delicious as usual and there were very few leftovers. Mom went overboard on the pies so I still have 2 full ones left which I'll take to the IL's Saturday. The house is still in pretty good condition and the dishes are actually all done! I can at least say that my house gets a good cleaning twice a year. LOL Dh did a lot of that for which I'm very thankful. I get overwhelmed with housework easily. Now I can sit back and relax the rest of the night and think about what to do for the next 3 days. I know I won't be shopping!

Here's what happens at 7pm after too much fun and food:
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Logan's Thanksgiving Feast at VPK

His pre-K did a feast this year that all the parents were invited to. La Septima catered it and a bunch of parents chipped in with the desserts. Logan's class got up on stage and did a few songs while dressed as indians and pilgrims. It was all very cute! We didn't get very good pics since dh was too far away and Ian of course wasn't cooperating and sitting still. I did get it all on video though and maybe one day we'll get it uploaded on the computer. Here's what he looked like though.
That's his friend Anisya who sat at our table.
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I love that he loves school. He always lights up when he's in the classroom and sees his friends and they love him as well. I hope he continues to love it!

Here's one of the songs they learned: (sung to Where is Thumbkin)
I am thankful, I am thankful
for this food, for this food,
that we all are sharing, that we all are sharing
Thank you God, Thank you God.

Our day at Disney

Okay, first a vent- I really don't have a problem with people in wheelchairs, but if you are in a crowded line, could you please keep back a foot or so?! Really! I was hit in the ankle not once, not twice but 5 times on Sunday by the same wheelchair. If I wasn't so darn polite, I would have turned around and said something. Argh.

So we went on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Wow! We haven't been when it's been that crowded in a while. We actually got there right after opening which is amazing for us. We don't get there that early when we stay onsite. LOL At first it wasn't too bad but it quickly got crowded. Logan was able to ride his Big Thunder Mt RR and Ian was able to ride Buzz and all of us rode the new improved Haunted Mansion which neither kid likes all of a sudden. We attempted the Barnstormer but the line was way too long. We'll go back another day for that. I love Disney any time (as dh pointed out) but I really love all the Christmas decorations. It just makes it that much more magical. We did get to catch the Pirate Tutorial with Captn Jack Sparrow and while Logan didn't get to sword fight with him, he did get a certificate to be an apprentice pirate.
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While shopping in the big tent over in ToonTown (County Bounty) Logan spotted some cotton candy so we let him get a bag. While checking out, he was eyeing the girl behind the counter making fresh cotton candy. She noticed him looking and smiled at him and then made him a bag of fresh cotton candy for free! He's already a lady killer.

Logan decided to be an apprentice photographer while we were waiting for the parade and took a few shots. Here's how those came out.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Don't you just love the angles?

This was Ian before and during the isn't often he just falls asleep.
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I took a few pics of those I thought maybe didn't make the best fashion choice when they woke up...
Dude- it's 80+ degrees out, the sun is beaming and you are wearing a thick looking jacket. Aren't you hot??
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Nothing like spandex leopard print pants! At least she isn't wearing heels.
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Oh and the flowery print this the new fashion? I thought these went out in the 80s.
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Okay, I think that's it for our Disney day!

Monday, November 19, 2007

It's a.........


Yippee!! We had our ultrasound this morning and the tech said she saw no boy parts. She looked a lot too even though the appt seemed to fly by. Baby's heartrate was 162 this morning, good and strong. We are cautiously optimistic about it all though as I know moms who were told girl and had boys. We're going to get a 3D/4D next month though and hopefully verify she is a she! I won't be running out to get pink just yet. I can't wait to buy all the cute girly stuff though!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

21.5 wk update

For those keeping up, I had an appt with my midwife this morning. Everything looks good. Baby's heartrate was 160. He/she was active and kicking back at the doppler! I mean literally, kicking the doppler, not just near it. Ahh already a trouble maker. Haha!

I have another appt in December where I get to do the lovely glucose screening. At least I won't have to starve beforehand. They actually want you to eat breakfast! Yea! After that, I'll be going every 2 weeks. How did it get here so fast?! The house isn't close to being ready for another baby!

Here's a belly shot. (ETA: Logan took this pic. I was surprised it didn't come out blurry. I did crop the rest of me as I look weird from the angle of a 5yr old sitting down. LOL)
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm a Disney nut and proud!

Everyone who knows me knows what a Disney nut I am. We go all the time and vacation there at least once a year. I know the parks by heart and listen to Disney music in the car. I collect Disney snowglobes and we are in the process of decorating our new movie room with Disney/Pixar posters. I can tell you all sorts of facts and point you to the best websites. All that said, WDW never loses it's magic for me or my family. I just watched a video of the new 2007 Christmas party castle lighting (watch it in HD for the best picture!! May take a minute or 2 to load) and it was beautiful and made my eyes well up. The boys were mesmorized watching it. I can't blame it on hormones because every time I see my kids' eyes light up while at a show at Disney, I get the same way. There's just something about Disney. I love that my boys love Disney as much as we do. My 2yr old asks all the time to go back. You can't tell me he doesn't remember Disney! If he even spots a small picture of anything WDW, he'll point it out immediately. We are headed back there this weekend where we hope our youngest gets to go on his first roller coaster ride (Goofy's Barnstormer). I'm just as excited as he is! Oh and I've informed dh that we will be headed to the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP) again this year. I want to see that castle lighting in person(ETA: it's done every day at 5:45pm, not just during the party) and enjoy the holidays at Disney. There's nothing like it!

What is the point??

Why do we buy widescreen, big screen tvs and widescreen dvds if when you watch the dvds, there are still those stupid black bars at the top and bottom?? I just don't get it! I bought a widescreen dvd and am watching it on a wide screen tv- why doesn't it fill the screen?? What is the point?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fire in the neighborhood

I was taking my oldest to school this morning only to see a fire station ambulance with lights flashing coming towards me. I got to where he turned and there were at least 5-6 fire trucks and a hose running across the street. OMG! I didn't see any flames or anyone running around though. I got back about an hour later and there was only one truck left. I stopped by the house on my way home this afternoon from ds' school and asked if they needed anything (they were outside) but was told no. I don't know what happened but they weren't the most polite people. I would have at least said no but thank you for your offer, but I just got a No and the lady started talking to someone else. (fwiw, they'd been sitting outside in lawn chairs for a while) I just happened on this article though from our local news about the fireman. Hope he's okay! I'm glad that the house wasn't occupied at the time but it still really sucks for the homeowner.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Guess Our Baby!

So our big ultrasound is coming up. I'm so excited and ready to find out what we're having. I'm not one for getting a big surprise at birth- that would drive me insane. I may try to keep my mouth shut to everyone else though. Hmmm we'll see how I do with that- more than likely, I won't be able to keep it to myself! Haha. So I made up a Guess The Gender game. It also includes other little guesses like weight, birth date, height, etc. Come take a guess!!
Our game name: GuessOurBaby2008

I have had 2 "girl" dreams so I'm crossing my fingers! It could be just the whole subliminal mind thing too. Only...8 days, x hours to go!

Funniest Blog Ever

Seriously, this is some funny stuff or at least I thought so!!

Here's his main page This is one blog I'll keep in my faves.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's a Farmer's Life

Ian and I went to Granma's Hug N Farm Tuesday with our playgroup. It's a working farm but most of the animals are kid friendly and they can pet them and get close to them. Ian loved running from place to place. A smiler he's not though as you can see from pictures.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
He was worn out by the time naptime came around. I laid him down in bed and thought he went right to sleep as I didn't hear him moving around. I went to check on him and couldn't find him!!! I looked in Logan's bed, under the bed, in other rooms....I wasn't panicked yet but freaking out a little. I kept hearing little noises so kept looking. Here's where I found him.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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He had crawled into the bookcase, closed the doors and fallen asleep. Aww. I had to move his bed to even get to him. He barely woke up when I moved him and when he did wake up 2 hours later, he came to bed with me and fell asleep for another hour! Sounds like I need to take him to the farm more often! LOL