Thursday, November 16, 2006


Not exactly sure why I'm writing anything tonight. I'll have to make something up here......Thanksgiving is getting closer and I told my mom I'd make pies. I love making desserts. She wants me to make this pumpkin/cool whip pie thing from Kraft. I hate cool whip. Blech! It always leaves me with a tummy ache. She only wants "real" (aka fattening) pies too. She's gonna have to compromise if she wants that cool whip crap. LOL I'll make it, but I'm going to make something yummy and healthy for me. Dh suggested the spice/pumpkin cake I made a few weeks ago. Yum! I also saw a recipe for a praline pumpkin pie on WW website I think. I'll make an apple pie for my dad too. I'm lucky- dh always peels the apples for me. Isn't he sweet?

I can't believe Christmas is so close already. It's unreal. I think I've got the boys' shopping done. I have no clue what to buy some of my family. I'm at a complete loss. I don't want to do the same food baskets I've done in the past. I made my grandmother a towel "cake" 2(or 3) years ago bc I knew she wanted towels and this was a unique way to "wrap" them. As of last year, they were still in cake form bc it was "too pretty" to take apart. She uses them as a Christmas decoration in the bathroom. I take it as a compliment. I do think I'm going to make some photo calendars using my digital scrapbooking kit and have those printed for gifts. I guess gift cards will be in store for a lot of people. I just don't see them very often or they don't need anything.

Keela, I know you like to read what everyone's buying the kids so here's our list (LOL) There may be more I'm forgetting.

Logan- Mack (Cars) playset, FP digital camera, 2 wooden Thomas trains (if they get here in time), Ramone and Luigi (Cars) playsets, Cars carrying case/racetrack, hooded towel and we make fix up a bike he has in the shed.

Ian- Vtech Smartville train and ice cream shoppe, TMX Elmo, Thomas stuffed train, Playful Puppy thingy (moves and makes noises), hooded towel

Ok, I can't think of anything else to write right now. I know there were some very cute Loganisms recently but my brain is tired and doesn't remember them. I hate that I can't remember them. It's like a piece of childhood gone.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Accident prone or clumsy?

Poor Logan, he always has some kind of bruise on him- mainly on his shins. This past week, he's been smacked in the face with a heavy handicap swing, he "rolled" off his bed (his words) sometime Saturday night and has these ugly scratches on his face (I'm guessing from the storage tote next to the bed), he was spinning, fell and scraped his ear on a toy, he's always tripping over something or I'm hearing Owww from somewhere in the house. I was talking to my mom about him and she said my sister was the same way. What's funny is that Logan is the less daring of my boys and of his friends. He doesn't jump off of walls/beds/swings/etc. The joys of boys...
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Christmas is coming!! Oh my it got here fast. I went thru my bedroom aka storage area on Saturday to see just what kind of stuff I've collected. I have so many toys it's ridiculous. I tend to buy things when they are on clearance and then I have stuff for Christmas, birthdays, etc when I need it but I still have stuff in there from 2 years or more ago. LOL I'm Ebaying a FP Powertouch system and books that I bought. I've got games that will be gifts this year. I've got some unopened stuff that was a gift to me that I need to re-gift or sell or something. (no more candles/candelabras please !) There's still more in huge plastic totes in my closet too that I haven't gone thru. I think Toys for Tots will be getting some stuff. Maybe one of the local hospitals would like some stuff too. I need to check into that. Anyone else want to donate? That may be a good idea to present to our playgroup. If everyone bought just one small toy ($10 or so) we could have a great donation to either TFT or the hospital. There are so many children stuck in the hospital all year long and I'm sure the holidays can be tough. Check out this BLOG I found on BBC yesterday. It's a good read.

As for my WL, I'm up 0.6 this week. My hands are a bit swollen feeling though this morning so I'm going with water weight as the culprit.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I'm sad

I recently found a friend on MySpace again. She was my best friend for years and then we drifted apart. I'd stop by to see her once in a while and drop her an email but very rarely did she make the effort to see/talk to me. The last time I spoke to her, she was getting married this fall and I was so looking forward to seeing her marry this guy. He's super nice and treats her well. I was told we were invited but when no invitation came, I figured the wedding was postponed or something. Like I said, we had been friends for years. I sent her a long email a while back but never heard from her. When I found her on MySpace tonight, she's already gotten married. I'm not sure why it makes me so sad, but it does hurt. I still love her and I still think of her all the time. I was there when she was pregnant and scared. I was there when she left her 1st dh. I was supposed to be there when her 3rd dd was born (she came quick!) and now this. Sigh.... Maybe we're just too different now.

On to happier thoughts- I'm finally redecorating my guest/hall bath. I got a cute monkey curtain from Target and we bought paint today. We're also looking for a new door for the front of the house. The one I like has to be custom ordered which adds like $300 to the price. Ouch! It's a medium oak fiberglass door with an oval window with zinc etching. I'm not a big fan of the brass etching I saw. My BIL will be here painting the outside of the house while we're on vacation. I can't wait to see it when we get back!

I can't believe our vacation is coming up so quickly either. I'm so excited though!! I just can't get tired of Disney. I'm telling you, I'd live at Cinderella's castle if they let me! (don't worry Julie, you can come visit! LOL)

Scary news- Friday night Logan, Ian and I were eating at the table. Dh had a computer case in the middle so I couldn't see Ian but I heard him fussing. I ignored him for a minute or 2 and then CRASH- he was on the floor. He was in his booster seat and had somehow pushed his chair and it fell backwards. The dogs' bowls were right behind him and it has a metal pole that goes up in between them. The pole went thru the slats of the chair and was no more than 1/2inch from his head. If Ian had fallen to the side a bit more, it could have been tragic. He was shocked but fine. It freaked me out though!

What else...Let's see...hmm...Julie has lost her artsy phartsy mojo so if anyone sees it, please contact me so I can get it back to the rightful owner. Thanks! LOL

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Down on the farm and meltdowns

You'd think I'd know by now what my day will look like when Logan gets up at 5:30am. Thankfully, he doesn't mind playing in his room quietly while I sleep. At 5:45 I got up for some reason- the alarm usually goes off at that time but I don't remember hearing it. I open my eyes and I can tell that Logan's light is on. I went to his room and he's laying on the floor with his "go" pillow (I guess you'd call it his lovey- it's got Go/Stop in green/red on each side, he loves that thing and must have it to sleep) on his head. I tell him to get back in bed, the sun isn't up yet and I turn off his light. Not that it matters, in 10min it's on again. Whatever, I'm going back to sleep! LOL I have no clue whether he went back to sleep or not. Anyway, we were up and dressed to go to Granma's Hug N Farm this morning with our playgroup. Went to get on the interstate and some idiot on his cell phone neither speeds up or slows down knowing I'm about to merge and I have to floor it just to get in front of him. Grrr. Everything was fine all morning at the farm. We got to see a cute baby pig who acted just like a toddler. He/she just wanted attention and to be scratched/petted. We saw goats, horses, sheep, chickens, rabbits and a very preggo donkey. Poor thing looked ready to pop! We went on a hayride, ate lunch and came home. On our way home, we end up behind a pickup carrying a huge load of produce boxes. While on the On-ramp to the interstate, one of his boxes falls off, something green goes everywhere and something green and juicy hits my windshield. Now I have a juicy windshield. I had to manuever out of the way of the box though and I still clipped it but at least it didn't end up under my van.

We also had a playdate scheduled for the afternoon. Usually I wouldn't do 2 playdates in one day but I knew there were some new members coming and I wanted to be there to meet them. This is where Logan comes in. I know he's tired poor baby. He was playing with Hayden and Hayden walked away. Logan starts just crying "I want my Hayden back". LOL! It was so cute. Then, he and Alex were playing on the handicap swings and I guess Logan was pushing Alex and the swing came back and smacked him in the face. I'm across the park where I can see him but of course I wasn't looking at the time. I heard his wail though and knew immediately it was him. Amazing how you know your child's cries. He's now the proud owner of big swollen under eye. I bet it will be a shiner tomorrow but we'll see. On the way out, he wanted to push the stroller "all by myself!". I insisted on helping him bc it was turning all wonky (thanks for the word Julie) and that led to another meltdown. Sigh...I was so glad when dh got home and I was able to take a small break. Dh even gave both boys a bath for me. Yea!!! Now I'm busy blogging when I really should be working. I typeset the promotions for dh's company which gives me some play money every few months (yeah, like I don't play with the everyday money too! LOL). Here are some pics from today!
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Monday, November 06, 2006

Donald Duck! (and poison control)

Logan has been asking dh to do the Donald Duck voice. He cracks up when he hears it. Ian loves it too but tonight he started trying to imitate dh. It was too cute! I went to put him to bed and was nursing him and he'd pull off, "quack" at me and nurse some more. I was dying!

My 1st (I think) call to poison control was today. Yippee. NOT! Logan started having what seemed to be diarrhea but it was only a little bit. I was sitting in the bathroom with him and he said his tummy hurt and "that" tasted yucky. I was like, What tasted yucky? He pointed to the TILEX bottle! OMG! I asked him if he sprayed it in his mouth and he said no but how would he know it tasted bad? The bottle said to give him water and call the DR. I called PC and they took the info and said if his lips aren't swelled (it's a corrosive) and he's acting fine, then he's fine. It wouldn't have caused diarrhea she said. Thank goodness for PC!

Silly girls!

I had the best time yesterday. It was one of those face-aching smiling, laughing til you cry, snorting good times. Amy, Jen, Julie and I went park hopping at Disney. What a hoot they are! I'm so inhibited compared to them. It was just us girls, we left all the kiddos home. Mission Space was an awesome ride! We did the more intense side and it was so much fun. We wanted it to last longer (well, maybe Amy didn't LOL). We ate at a few countries. Noone would try my escargot and it was yummy! We had sushi, cold noodle salad, baklava, greek salad, goat cheese tartlet, and more. Mmm.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Hopped over to MGM and did the Rockin Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror (so fun!). As we were walking into the park, everyone was lined up for the parade to start. Not even thinking about it, but trying to avoid the crowds on the sidewalk, we walked down the middle of the road. Several people started clapping for us. We were the parade! Hehehe.
Hopped on the bus to MK where we went to drive the cars first. Okay, I'm a good driver IRL but I SUCKED at driving this car. The steering was on the right side and I had to use my left foot. No matter how little I touched the wheel, we'd go all the way over to one side or another. Thank goodness for the mini barrier under the car so you couldn't plow into someone else! LOL OMG I'm cracking up just thinking about Julie and I in the car! She was dying laughing and Jen and Amy were laughing at us. Poor people next to us thought we were going to hit them a few times! ROFLMAO! I was so glad when it was over. The teacups were hilarious as well. Julie and Jen wanted to spin fast so they rode together and Amy and I rode together. They were a riot! They were squealing and throwing their heads back so they were practically upside down. Too funny! This pic is probably too small for you to see Julie's smile. Jen's got her head thrown back. It was hard to take a pic while spinning!

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On to the Haunted Mansion. Jen had been on it years ago and tried to do the sinister laugh along with the recording, only it ended up being SO loud! I think everyone outside heard her! LMBO! We also went on the Thunder Mountain RR and I'm not sure what got them going but Amy started laughing and the sound of it got Julie laughing and then we were all laughing. Quite contagious(that's where the snorting comes in too)! We did get to see the fireworks before leaving the park. I get chills everytime I see them. It is magical. If it's that magical for me, I can't imagine for someone who is seeing them for the 1st time. It was a wonderful day and one I'll never forget. I hope we can do it again one day!! Thank you to my wonderful girlfriends for going!! Not sure what I'd do without you guys!

Oh I almost forgot. Julie loves to people watch so she noticed this guy while we were watching the flag lowering. Amy was trying to take a picture on the fly but being the Amy she is, she walked up to him and asked to take a pic of his hair. You have to be pretty secure to put purple paint, mickey confetti and a Mickey mouse head in your hair(on the back)!

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