Monday, November 06, 2006

Silly girls!

I had the best time yesterday. It was one of those face-aching smiling, laughing til you cry, snorting good times. Amy, Jen, Julie and I went park hopping at Disney. What a hoot they are! I'm so inhibited compared to them. It was just us girls, we left all the kiddos home. Mission Space was an awesome ride! We did the more intense side and it was so much fun. We wanted it to last longer (well, maybe Amy didn't LOL). We ate at a few countries. Noone would try my escargot and it was yummy! We had sushi, cold noodle salad, baklava, greek salad, goat cheese tartlet, and more. Mmm.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Hopped over to MGM and did the Rockin Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror (so fun!). As we were walking into the park, everyone was lined up for the parade to start. Not even thinking about it, but trying to avoid the crowds on the sidewalk, we walked down the middle of the road. Several people started clapping for us. We were the parade! Hehehe.
Hopped on the bus to MK where we went to drive the cars first. Okay, I'm a good driver IRL but I SUCKED at driving this car. The steering was on the right side and I had to use my left foot. No matter how little I touched the wheel, we'd go all the way over to one side or another. Thank goodness for the mini barrier under the car so you couldn't plow into someone else! LOL OMG I'm cracking up just thinking about Julie and I in the car! She was dying laughing and Jen and Amy were laughing at us. Poor people next to us thought we were going to hit them a few times! ROFLMAO! I was so glad when it was over. The teacups were hilarious as well. Julie and Jen wanted to spin fast so they rode together and Amy and I rode together. They were a riot! They were squealing and throwing their heads back so they were practically upside down. Too funny! This pic is probably too small for you to see Julie's smile. Jen's got her head thrown back. It was hard to take a pic while spinning!

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On to the Haunted Mansion. Jen had been on it years ago and tried to do the sinister laugh along with the recording, only it ended up being SO loud! I think everyone outside heard her! LMBO! We also went on the Thunder Mountain RR and I'm not sure what got them going but Amy started laughing and the sound of it got Julie laughing and then we were all laughing. Quite contagious(that's where the snorting comes in too)! We did get to see the fireworks before leaving the park. I get chills everytime I see them. It is magical. If it's that magical for me, I can't imagine for someone who is seeing them for the 1st time. It was a wonderful day and one I'll never forget. I hope we can do it again one day!! Thank you to my wonderful girlfriends for going!! Not sure what I'd do without you guys!

Oh I almost forgot. Julie loves to people watch so she noticed this guy while we were watching the flag lowering. Amy was trying to take a picture on the fly but being the Amy she is, she walked up to him and asked to take a pic of his hair. You have to be pretty secure to put purple paint, mickey confetti and a Mickey mouse head in your hair(on the back)!

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Julie said...

Awesome post Karlise! I couldn't have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

Karlise! It sounds like you guys had a ball! I totally forgot to take your number with me and I regretted it the whole time! We were at MK Sunday and watched the fireworks. I hate that we were in the same place at the same time and didn't get to meet! SUCKS!! We're already talking about our next trip, so I'll let you know what we plan!