Monday, November 06, 2006

Donald Duck! (and poison control)

Logan has been asking dh to do the Donald Duck voice. He cracks up when he hears it. Ian loves it too but tonight he started trying to imitate dh. It was too cute! I went to put him to bed and was nursing him and he'd pull off, "quack" at me and nurse some more. I was dying!

My 1st (I think) call to poison control was today. Yippee. NOT! Logan started having what seemed to be diarrhea but it was only a little bit. I was sitting in the bathroom with him and he said his tummy hurt and "that" tasted yucky. I was like, What tasted yucky? He pointed to the TILEX bottle! OMG! I asked him if he sprayed it in his mouth and he said no but how would he know it tasted bad? The bottle said to give him water and call the DR. I called PC and they took the info and said if his lips aren't swelled (it's a corrosive) and he's acting fine, then he's fine. It wouldn't have caused diarrhea she said. Thank goodness for PC!

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