Thursday, November 09, 2006

Down on the farm and meltdowns

You'd think I'd know by now what my day will look like when Logan gets up at 5:30am. Thankfully, he doesn't mind playing in his room quietly while I sleep. At 5:45 I got up for some reason- the alarm usually goes off at that time but I don't remember hearing it. I open my eyes and I can tell that Logan's light is on. I went to his room and he's laying on the floor with his "go" pillow (I guess you'd call it his lovey- it's got Go/Stop in green/red on each side, he loves that thing and must have it to sleep) on his head. I tell him to get back in bed, the sun isn't up yet and I turn off his light. Not that it matters, in 10min it's on again. Whatever, I'm going back to sleep! LOL I have no clue whether he went back to sleep or not. Anyway, we were up and dressed to go to Granma's Hug N Farm this morning with our playgroup. Went to get on the interstate and some idiot on his cell phone neither speeds up or slows down knowing I'm about to merge and I have to floor it just to get in front of him. Grrr. Everything was fine all morning at the farm. We got to see a cute baby pig who acted just like a toddler. He/she just wanted attention and to be scratched/petted. We saw goats, horses, sheep, chickens, rabbits and a very preggo donkey. Poor thing looked ready to pop! We went on a hayride, ate lunch and came home. On our way home, we end up behind a pickup carrying a huge load of produce boxes. While on the On-ramp to the interstate, one of his boxes falls off, something green goes everywhere and something green and juicy hits my windshield. Now I have a juicy windshield. I had to manuever out of the way of the box though and I still clipped it but at least it didn't end up under my van.

We also had a playdate scheduled for the afternoon. Usually I wouldn't do 2 playdates in one day but I knew there were some new members coming and I wanted to be there to meet them. This is where Logan comes in. I know he's tired poor baby. He was playing with Hayden and Hayden walked away. Logan starts just crying "I want my Hayden back". LOL! It was so cute. Then, he and Alex were playing on the handicap swings and I guess Logan was pushing Alex and the swing came back and smacked him in the face. I'm across the park where I can see him but of course I wasn't looking at the time. I heard his wail though and knew immediately it was him. Amazing how you know your child's cries. He's now the proud owner of big swollen under eye. I bet it will be a shiner tomorrow but we'll see. On the way out, he wanted to push the stroller "all by myself!". I insisted on helping him bc it was turning all wonky (thanks for the word Julie) and that led to another meltdown. Sigh...I was so glad when dh got home and I was able to take a small break. Dh even gave both boys a bath for me. Yea!!! Now I'm busy blogging when I really should be working. I typeset the promotions for dh's company which gives me some play money every few months (yeah, like I don't play with the everyday money too! LOL). Here are some pics from today!
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