Monday, October 26, 2009

The Case of the Phantom Fevers

I'm not sure where these fevers are coming from or why they keep hitting my boys randomly but they need to go away already. Ian went to his Abuela's (MIL) house with dh Sunday afternoon and apparently started running a fever somewhere along the way. He was whiny and miserable when he got home. I took his temp and it was 101.5. Great. Dh gave him some Motrin and he laid on the couch for a while. I could tell the minute that medicine kicked in though. He practically jumped off the couch and started playing.

Sometime in the middle of the night he crawled into bed with us though running a fever once again. I noticed he was hot laying next to me. He complained he was thirsty so dh got up with him to get him some oj and some more meds. Poor baby didn't want to even wake up this morning and I don't blame him. I didn't want to get up either. Having a sick, hot child all curled up next to me in bed with his head in my back and feet all over dh made me wish I could turn off the alarm and roll back over. He finally made it out of bed though and ate breakfast. Good sign.

But he missed yet another day of school today since he's supposed to be fever free for 24 hours. I think this is day 3 or 4 this month he's been out.


I can't keep track anymore.

He was fine all day today. You wouldn't even know he had been sick. No other symptoms. I just don't get it. I'm glad his immune system is fighting this off though and Logan's too. Bella seems to be staying away from it too thankfully. I guess all that liquid gold I produced for them has done a pretty good job so far. :) I Lysol'ed the house today, or most of it, hoping that it will keep the germies at bay for a while. Crossing my fingers!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

High Flying Video

High Flying Fun

Ahh. The cooler fall weather is upon us- at least for a couple of days. I knew Logan needed some pants for school so I decided to have a *date* with just him yesterday. He and I went to Mimi's Cafe for lunch first. He surprised me and ordered a burger instead of his normal mac & cheese or pancakes. We did all the puzzles on the kid's menu together and talked.

From there we went over to the mall. After being a very good sport and trying on at least 10 pairs of pants we decided on a couple of pair and bought them. We walked the mall for the rest of the afternoon stopping in the Disney Store and even a women's clothing store so I could get some jeans and use a gift card I had. At the other end of the mall there is a trampoline/trapeze contraption you can get on. It costs $5 for 2 minutes and he begged me to go on it. What the heck. It's a fun Mom and Me day so I said yes. He had a blast. I always knew he belonged in the circus. He even did a couple of flips- albeit slow ones. It's a good thing the teenage boy running it knew what he was doing. It's not easy to see but Logan had THE biggest smile on his face while up there.








Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Remember THIS post??

The missing bow that Bella supposedly swallowed has been FOUND! I started selling a bunch of my big baby gear and had to pull the Pack 'n Play out to set it up so I could take a lot of pictures. I went to put it all back away again and OMG there was that freaking bow that caused us so much worry.

I tore that PNP apart looking for that bow back in February. It wasn't there. It wasn't there when I put it away either or so I thought. Dh even looked for it. Guess I should be glad it was found and she never swallowed it.

On another happy note I did sell my PNP to a nice set of grandparents who just had their 1st grandson. I got my asking price and made money on it since I bought it on clearance at like 75% off a few years ago. It was well worth the money though and has many good years left on it so all in all a very good deal for both parties.

Life in general

It's just been the same old, same old around here for the most part. I don't even have anything to blog about anymore it seems. Here's a recap of us:

Logan's doing well in 1st grade. He's made all 105-107% on his spelling tests with included extra credit sentence. Math is easy for him so far and seems to be a strong suit. He's very popular with his classmates and I'm told he's a peacemaker.

Ian's also doing well. His teachers have nothing but praise for his behavior in school (why can't he be like that at home?). He loves school and can't wait to get there in the A.M. He's having fun and making friends. We did have a broken bone scare a week or so ago. He climbed up on Logan's new bike and fell upon getting off of it. He was complaining about his arm so I kept him home from school the next morning and took him to the ped's office. They sent him to a diagnostic's center for xrays and after spending a while there it came back that everything was fine. Phew.

Bella is 18mo now and growing so fast. She's gone from my little peanut into a chunky monkey who loves to climb on the couch and chair and is always into something. She's very curious and can be quite outgoing when she wants to- at least to women. She gets very shy around guys. Good girl! :) She loves to play peekaboo and to run and *hide* from you. She's a Daddy's girl and thinks that running to him when I say bedtime may actually save her. Too cute. She's talking quite a bit and even signing thanks to a video she loves. I love watching her grow and learn. She's very smart and amazes me some days.

Dh is still plugging away at work and hoping to win the lotto one day. That would solve so many problems. I think we're responsible enough that we'd be okay and wouldn't be bankrupt in a year. Ahh dreams. His side computer work has slowed down so much so if you know anyone looking for a PC to be custom built or needs repairs, let me know!

I'm doing the mom thang shuttling the boys back and forth to their schools at different hours of the day. Fun times. I'll be so glad when the weather cools off and I can actually turn the car off while waiting so I can save some money on gas! I've got a fun weekend planned this week. Me and my besties are taking off for a night on the beach. We've got a suite courtesy of one of their dh's all reserved and waiting for us. I plan on eating some yummy seafood, maybe having a drink and just hanging out and having fun. The weather is supposed to be beautiful thanks to a cold front moving through and I'm sooo looking forward to it. I'll take lots of pics hopefully to share next week!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Who thinks of this stuff?!

So I'm at the grocery store last night and about to check out when I spot these on the shelf. My first thought was WTF?! Who thinks of this stuff and what Suit said "Brilliant! The Kiddies will love these!"?


I took them home and apparently I was holding them in a way that made dh go Wha?! Now to see what DH saw, put your finger over part of the *P* like I did. LOL

Here's the newest Willy (hehe) Wonka creation.


Tell me these aren't the most phallic candies ever (that were meant to be innocent).



Oh and while they are good they are not sour in any way, at least not to me.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

False Alarm

I went to pick up Logan after school today and when I turned off the car I heard the fire alarm going off and saw the lights flashing through the lunchroom windows. I don't get out of my car until 5 minutes before they are dismissed so I thought it was a bit weird that they'd be having a fire drill so close to school letting out. We walked up to the school and I asked a couple of parents but they weren't sure what was happening and the one dad looked pretty bored and nonchalant about the whole thing.

The kids were all filing out to the front of the school (usually they go towards the back P.E. field but they'd been directed to the front via the intercom). Then we were asked to move towards the street too. Oh my, guess it's not a drill! Another mom and I were looking for our kids (not to interfere, just to spot them) and Logan's class wasn't out there. I remembered afterwards that he has PE very late on Thursdays so I knew he must have been stuck out back. Within 5 minutes or so we got the all clear though and everyone was released. Thank goodness. Nothing like a little fire scare to liven up a Thursday afternoon.