Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life in general

It's just been the same old, same old around here for the most part. I don't even have anything to blog about anymore it seems. Here's a recap of us:

Logan's doing well in 1st grade. He's made all 105-107% on his spelling tests with included extra credit sentence. Math is easy for him so far and seems to be a strong suit. He's very popular with his classmates and I'm told he's a peacemaker.

Ian's also doing well. His teachers have nothing but praise for his behavior in school (why can't he be like that at home?). He loves school and can't wait to get there in the A.M. He's having fun and making friends. We did have a broken bone scare a week or so ago. He climbed up on Logan's new bike and fell upon getting off of it. He was complaining about his arm so I kept him home from school the next morning and took him to the ped's office. They sent him to a diagnostic's center for xrays and after spending a while there it came back that everything was fine. Phew.

Bella is 18mo now and growing so fast. She's gone from my little peanut into a chunky monkey who loves to climb on the couch and chair and is always into something. She's very curious and can be quite outgoing when she wants to- at least to women. She gets very shy around guys. Good girl! :) She loves to play peekaboo and to run and *hide* from you. She's a Daddy's girl and thinks that running to him when I say bedtime may actually save her. Too cute. She's talking quite a bit and even signing thanks to a video she loves. I love watching her grow and learn. She's very smart and amazes me some days.

Dh is still plugging away at work and hoping to win the lotto one day. That would solve so many problems. I think we're responsible enough that we'd be okay and wouldn't be bankrupt in a year. Ahh dreams. His side computer work has slowed down so much so if you know anyone looking for a PC to be custom built or needs repairs, let me know!

I'm doing the mom thang shuttling the boys back and forth to their schools at different hours of the day. Fun times. I'll be so glad when the weather cools off and I can actually turn the car off while waiting so I can save some money on gas! I've got a fun weekend planned this week. Me and my besties are taking off for a night on the beach. We've got a suite courtesy of one of their dh's all reserved and waiting for us. I plan on eating some yummy seafood, maybe having a drink and just hanging out and having fun. The weather is supposed to be beautiful thanks to a cold front moving through and I'm sooo looking forward to it. I'll take lots of pics hopefully to share next week!

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