Thursday, October 01, 2009

False Alarm

I went to pick up Logan after school today and when I turned off the car I heard the fire alarm going off and saw the lights flashing through the lunchroom windows. I don't get out of my car until 5 minutes before they are dismissed so I thought it was a bit weird that they'd be having a fire drill so close to school letting out. We walked up to the school and I asked a couple of parents but they weren't sure what was happening and the one dad looked pretty bored and nonchalant about the whole thing.

The kids were all filing out to the front of the school (usually they go towards the back P.E. field but they'd been directed to the front via the intercom). Then we were asked to move towards the street too. Oh my, guess it's not a drill! Another mom and I were looking for our kids (not to interfere, just to spot them) and Logan's class wasn't out there. I remembered afterwards that he has PE very late on Thursdays so I knew he must have been stuck out back. Within 5 minutes or so we got the all clear though and everyone was released. Thank goodness. Nothing like a little fire scare to liven up a Thursday afternoon.

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