Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Remember THIS post??

The missing bow that Bella supposedly swallowed has been FOUND! I started selling a bunch of my big baby gear and had to pull the Pack 'n Play out to set it up so I could take a lot of pictures. I went to put it all back away again and OMG there was that freaking bow that caused us so much worry.

I tore that PNP apart looking for that bow back in February. It wasn't there. It wasn't there when I put it away either or so I thought. Dh even looked for it. Guess I should be glad it was found and she never swallowed it.

On another happy note I did sell my PNP to a nice set of grandparents who just had their 1st grandson. I got my asking price and made money on it since I bought it on clearance at like 75% off a few years ago. It was well worth the money though and has many good years left on it so all in all a very good deal for both parties.

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