Sunday, April 22, 2007

My apologies

to Julie and my loyal readers (jen) for not having my small camera on me at Disney today. I love to people watch and Disney is such a great place to do it. Julie turned me on to taking pics of people with a lack of fashion sense (I'm no fashionista but I don't make these faux pas!). Let's see, today I saw a Nascar fan with a mullet (seriously!?), a late 30ish-early 40ish woman wearing black socks with white sneakers (isn't this an old man thing?), man capris- not shorts (he was obviously not from the US), old woman with no bra- obvious by the way her nips were poking out, a guy wearing everything color coordinated in bright colors down to the multicolored shoes! (not browns, we're talking red, yellow, orange, etc) and let's not forget the women who can wear certain shorts/pants but should NOT wear them! Muffin tops, see thru shorts (white undies under white shorts is a no-no people), too short shorts.... ugh.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Thanks for the laugh. I love Disney, I really do! I wish you had you camera! Don't forget it next time!!