Monday, May 07, 2007


I was getting ready to head out to Lowes yesterday so dh was watching the boys. It was around 11:30ish I guess. I came out and noticed that dh had eaten lunch (left the dish on the stove) so I asked if he had fed the boys yet. He said No. When I asked why, he said because they had raisins. What?! You didn't feed them lunch bc they each had a box of raisins and you think that's lunch? I was dumbfounded. LOL

one other- the other day someone actually said to me, you only need to see Disney once. Huh? I've been more than 30x I'm guessing in the last year and a half and I still haven't seen or done everything there is to do. I see/do something new every time I go. She actually preferred Busch Gardens to Disney. Whatever! In her defense, she has older kids that can do BG and all the rides. There's nothing for little ones at BG IMO, except Dragon Land which I heard is closed a lot of times. Thanks, but no thanks. We'll stick to Disney until the boys are old enough to head to BG and ride everything there.

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