Saturday, May 12, 2007

Old Flame

I happened upon a MySpace page last night that was a blast from the past. It was the girl who slept with my then boyfriend and got pregnant. I left him shortly after, ended up dating dh and am happily married but it was kinda strange seeing the both of them after so many years. She looks the same as she did then, only older (aren't we all!) and so does he. He still looks as scrubby as he did then too. Ugh. He actually married her which he swore he'd never do (get married in general) and they have 3 kids together. He's still best friends with the same guy too which is nice. I'll admit, I've been curious as to what happened with them over the years. I'd love to see his mom again, she was a nice lady. I do wish them well though. If not for their cheating, I never would have dated dh, gotten married and had 2 beautiful boys. So thanks to them both!

Speaking of flames, I do hope we get some rain soon. The fires up in Georgia are wreaking havoc on my sinuses. The smoke just fills the air here in Central FL. Anytime I'm around smoke, whether it's wood smoke or cigarettes, it sticks in my nose. I have a hard time breathing thru my nose and it stinks and gives me headaches. Even if I'm in the house with the AC running, the smell lingers in my nose forever. It stinks! Literally!

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