Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just venting

I really dislike my sister sometimes. She has problems. Marriage problems, money problems, boyfriend problems. Yes, I said boyfriend. She's shacking up and divorcing her dh. That's not so much my business except she's (or the bf is!) keeping my nephew from his family. He hasn't seen his dad, us or his grandparents. Today he was supposed to come to Ian's bday party. My mom was picking him up and bringing him over. Logan was glad to hear he was coming and now I have to tell him he's not. My sis called and told mom she couldn't get T out of bed this morning (mind you the party isn't til 3pm). Mom asked if she could go by and pick him up at home. Oh no, K (the bf) might not LET you have him. HELLO??!!! Whose child is he?? My mom called me to tell me and sounded like she had been crying. I really hate what my sister is doing to our family. It really sounds like K is very controlling and is destroying my sister's relationship with all her family. This isn't the first incident. My parents have bent over backward for her. Everything they do is for her and T. Do you think my sis gives a hoot? Doesn't seem like it. The only time my sis calls mom is if she wants something. If mom calls her, she has to leave message after message and finally get mean to get a phone call back. I just don't get it. I feel really bad for T. He LOVES his grandparents. They are the stability in his life and he doesn't have that now. There are no grandparent laws in FL but man I wish there were. I wish my parents could take her to court to see him or even get custody. She isn't a bad or unfit mom, just stupid and immature.

I vowed to dh today that if anything were to happen to us I'd never do that to him or his mom. I'm blessed to have dh.

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