Wednesday, May 09, 2007


If this isn't illegal, it darn well should be (just looked it up and it is illegal!). While leaving the rec center and turning onto Bell Shoals (and then Bloomingdale) which both are busy roads, the guy in front of me was driving his motorcycle. He wasn't wearing a helmet- dumb but he's an adult and has that choice. That's not my problem, my problem is he has an 8-9 yr old CHILD on the back with NO helmet!!! That child doesn't get to make that choice. He doesn't have the maturity or common sense to make that choice. All I kept thinking was What If? What if he had to swerve and the boy wasn't hanging on tight enough? What if a car hit them? Ugh. I couldn't get the license plate but even if I had, who do you call? 911? I was always taught to only call them in a dire emergency. Grrrr

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