Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ian's Parties & a Date

We had Ian's birthday party today. My little boy will be 2 tomorrow! It was a good party though. Very low key, just family. We had pizza and I made him the cutest cake. My black icing messed up but noone seemed to care or notice. I ate way too much pizza but it was so good. Ian got some trains and cardboard building blocks from us. He mostly got clothes from everyone else. I really don't understand why people buy him clothes. Not only that, but my mom gave out the wrong sizes so he got stuff he wouldn't be able to wear until a year from now if we are lucky. Ugh. It's stuff that would have fit Logan 6mo ago! I can barely get 2T shorts that fit him and he got 3T and 4T stuff. It's also Walmart stuff. I don't like Walmart clothes. They don't wear well and unfortunately, everything that was bought is so NOT my style. I guess I'll be making a trip to Walmart. Oh and I got no gift receipts either.... insert rolling eyes... (for what it's worth, the giver knows it's the wrong size and told me to go exchange it but gave no receipt) I'm not ungrateful at all just a bit disappointed. Ian doesn't care though. He had a good day despite taking no nap (it never fails, when I want him to take one, he won't and when we need to be somewhere he'll sleep late!).

He also had a party with his friends from playgroup on Friday at the park. He did get some toys there so at least he got something fun. LOL He was worn out!

Logan keeps asking when his birthday is. Ian had 2 parties and now Monday we are going to Epcot on his actual birthday and all poor Logan keeps saying is "It's his bday again?!" Poor baby. His Abuela (grandma) did buy him a toy so he wouldn't feel so left out today. He loves playing with the building blocks as well. He'll be just fine.

Pictures!! Sorry they are so small. My blog gets all messed up if they aren't. :(
My big boy on the big slide.

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Birthday Boy
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On a seperate subject, dh and I got our first "date" day in over 4 years on Saturday. Woohoo! We dropped the boys off at my BIL's and went to the theater to see the new Pirates movie. The last movie I saw in the theater was Cars way back when (last summer?) and that was just Logan and I. It was nice. We were even able to hold hands. Awww. No strollers, no holding the kids' hands, no holding kids at all! It was a long movie and my butt started to hurt but it was good. Don't drink a lot during this movie. LOL It's like 3 hours long. I liked the movie but Jack wasn't the same "drunken", funny pirate from the 1st 2 movies it seemed. I love his mannerisms and I didn't see as many. I'll just have to watch again I guess. :) For anyone who hasn't seen it, I won't spoil anything but you have to stay and watch the scene AFTER all the credits run. There are a lot of credits too but wait for it. That was the end of date day as we had to get the boys (can't leave them too long, BIL may never watch them again LOL) and clean the house for today's party. I'm hoping to do it again though. It was nice to get out with my hubby!

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Lindsey said...

You have to email me and tell me about that scene!!! We saw the movie last night, but we didn't stay through the credits! Did we miss something huge?