Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Ok, so it's nearly Monday and Mother's Day is almost over but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway. Today was a pretty good day. Dh let me sleep in a bit. Not that it really mattered, my body just won't let me sleep "in" anymore so I was tossing and turning at 8am. When I finally got up though, Ian jumped off dh's lap and ran to me. He was so happy to see me which has to be the best feeling in the world. Logan ran over to me and struggled to remember what he had to say. LOL After 30sec or so though, he got it and said Happy Mother's Day. He ran to get my gift which he and dh went to buy yesterday. I saw the bag in the car so I had a feeling of what it was. Here it is! I got another Coach bag. Yea! Logan actually picked out a blue one but dh didn't think I'd use it as much with nothing to wear with it. LOL
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After cooking breakfast for myself and taking a shower, we went to "steal" my mom's truck. She wanted a system in her truck like I have with subwoofers and amps. She teaches line dancing and now loves the music I listen to that she used to hate when I was a kid. Go figure. So dh arranged it, Daddy took mom out all day and we took her truck. She drives a huge Nissan Titan. OMG it's a beast! I swear it has more/bigger blind spots than anything I've ever driven. There's no way I'd be able to park that truck in a busy parking lot. LOL After we dropped it off, it was past Ian's naptime and boy was he cranky today so he went down, dh napped, Logan played and I watched tv. Nothing special. We went back to get her truck and take it to her and spent a little while with my parents, came home and now everyone is in bed except me. My mom really liked her gift. So that was my Mother's Day in a nutshell. Next up, our anniversary!

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Anonymous said...

Another purty coach bag! I love it!!