Thursday, May 17, 2007


I just checked my MySpace page and had a message from a girl I was friends with in 5th grade!!! That's over 20 years ago. She even remembered I lived on Clay. Her mom still lives in the same house which is the neighborhood across from mine. The internet is an amazing tool.

What else is happening... I was told today that Logan really only needed one more swim lesson. He has all the safety stuff down. I'm going to keep him in though as I really want it ingrained in him plus he needs to learn to use his arms more. Ian has now had his 2nd lesson where he didn't cry a single time and actually loved being in the water. Thom (instructor) is calling him a wild man now though as he has no fear of the water. Despite the fact he can not swim, he's ready to jump in before Thom says go and readily sticks his head in the water even when Thom is holding him tight. It's an amazing transformation. He was screaming his head off or whimpering for me just a week and a half ago. I couldn't be in his sight at all so I had to hide out in the house and watch from the window. Now he's not always ready to get out. Next step is getting some practice time in. Problem is none of my family has a pool! Think we can sneak into a hotel pool? LOL

Our permit on the new room is finally ready! Yippee! We had more red tape though.Ugh. Our contractor came by today and I had to sign a Letter of Commencement, basically a letter saying they are starting. How dumb is that? I had to go get it notarized too. Thank goodness Mom is a notary. So once he has the paper back in hand, they should start by Friday or Monday. Im so ready for it! We already have decorating plans and even bought a Mickey Mouse area rug. Hahaha! I saw the cutest 3D artwork at BB&B tonight too- it was film reels and the Clapboard for movie sets. Perfect!

Busy weekend ahead- I have a Mom's Night In on Friday and a movie night with some friends on Saturday. We're doing a Forrest Gump theme. How fun! Anyone for some shrimp and Dr Pepper?

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