Monday, July 23, 2007


Ok so not much of a surprise to any of my friends anymore but I'm PREGNANT!! It's been a long time since I posted bc I didn't want to spoil anything if someone from my family had read this. We found out last Sunday after AF didn't come. It was due Friday and I am very regular so something was obviously up. I had a HPT someone had send me in my BOC bag a while bag and took it and it almost immediately read positive. Oh My Goodness. I had to call dh back to the bedroom since he was in the kitchen (he didn't know I was taking it) and I showed it to him and started bawling. I didn't know whether to be happy or shocked but I was def. overwhelmed at the prospect of another baby. It had always only been talk of having a 3rd. I'm still overwhelmed. I have so much to do to get ready. The boys will have to share a room which means a lot of weeding thru stuff and figuring out the logistics. I'm glad we'll have our new family room now though as we need the square footage. I told all my friends via my "new" website. We told our families only yesterday at a themed lunch I held. The menu consisted of Baby back ribs, Baby carrots, Baby spinach with Baby tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, Baby asparagus and garlic bread. I was planning ice cream with a side of pickles if noone had guessed. My Mom was the first to guess when I said it was a themed meal. She says she already had an idea since the only time we entertain is holidays. Oh well... George(BIL) who said he was "sharp as a razor" didn't get it at first even after being told over and over about the baby theme. LOL

I'm so tired already with this pregnancy. My hormones are so completely out of whack. I am grumpy all the time with my boys and I hate it. I'd rather have sore boobs. I know it only lasts a little while though so hopefully it will end soon enough. We are def hoping for a little girl. I will be happy with another boy though. At least I have an idea what I'm in for.

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