Sunday, July 01, 2007

We've been Boarded!

Our front windows that is. Saturday the guys came out and took out all our old front windows, raised the bottom ledge a few inches and then put plywood up until we can get our new windows installed on Tuesday. Why the days in between? I have no idea! Dh took all our plastic bags and squished them in to the cracks to make sure no critters found their way in. It also helps insulate it. Ian didn't wake up unitl close to 9am this morning because his room was so dark. Do they make darkening blinds that will do that? LOL

Next steps are the stucco which I believe will be done this week or next, the texture on the inside walls and ceiling and the A/C installation. Then we can paint the inside! Yea!! The one downfall to this whole process I found out yesterday is that we can't repaint the outside of the house for a long while. Dh said the stucco has to cure before we can paint which means our house is going to look hideous! (I'm going to double check that) Seriously, the sides and back of the house will be painted and the front and new addition will be stucco grey. Yuck!

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Anonymous said...

Yes they do make room darkening blinds!! We have one for our bedroom so dh can sleep during the day when he's on that shift! We need to get some for the back bedrooms!