Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Night

I dropped the boys off with dh at his office tonight so he could take them to see his mom so it was just Bella and I. I didn't want to go (smoker's house) plus Bella's been so cranky in the evening lately. I think it's a mix of teething, getting up earlier and not wanting to nap as much. I had no idea what to do with myself! I thought about buying some dinner but ended up just coming home and fixing myself something so as not to spend the money. Bella was asleep by 6:30.

I surfed my websites for a while and then decided to tackle the pile of newspapers- a week's worth- I had sitting in my living room. I'm also listening/semi-watching the Plant/Armwood high school game on ESPN U. Armwood is my alma mater so I'm rooting for them! They are both nationally ranked teams and state champs. The game was sold out at $20/ticket and I heard on the news earlier people were actually scalping tix for $50! For a high school football game! Crazy!

That's it. That was my fun filled Friday night! Aren't you jealous? ;)


Melodie said...

Do they smoke in the house over there? If so, I'd keep the boys home, too. That's really bad for them to be around, no matter what age. You should also make Robert shower and change clothes before he touches Bella after being in a smoke house. That stuff gets all over your clothes and skin and transfers to the baby if not cleaned off first.
Smoking around children is one of my biggest pet peeves, and I think there should be a law against it. Secondhand smoke causes so many problems for children, from respiratory problems to cavities and more.

Karlise said...

My MIL smokes in the house but not when company is over. I know it's bad for them but I can't keep them from their Abuela. They went out to eat so not all of their time was in the house. We avoid going over there as much as possible and usually invite her here.