Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why did I waste money....

On swimming lessons? Because Logan seems to forget what to do the minute he touches water. When we went to our friends' house yesterday the boys went swimming. Logan went running and jumped in. It isn't super deep but he jumped right into the middle of the pool which is the deepest part (volleyball pool). He started bobbing up and down to take breaths and was clearly in trouble so Frank jumped in to help him. I'm just thinking OMG swim already. I wasn't in panicky mode bc I was standing right there. So why did I spend all that money on lessons again? Ian had lessons as well although had Thom not moved away he would have had at least another season or two of lessons. Now he acts terrified of the water like he did when he first started lessons 2 years ago. He clung to dh even though we did have a floatie vest on him. These kids drive me nuts. Argh!

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