Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just the usual...

Busy Saturday. Dh started the day by replacing my bathroom faucet. My mom came over for a few minutes to pick something up and bring Logan's gifts over and then my BIL/futureSIL came over to bring another gift. They also brought over cupcakes and candles so they could sing to him. Aww. SIL and I ran out to a yard sale in the neighborhood really quick so I could see what kind of baby clothes they had. I got Bella a couple of things. Most of it was just too worn looking or too small. After they left it was rush, rush, rush to get ready to go.

We had made plans to go to a friend's house near Dade City today to play with their boys and swim. This couple is so nice. Dh and I both worked with Frank for a few years and we've kept in touch. They have 3 kids too and we swear our kids are clones. They act alike, they fight alike, they're just as dramatic, etc.

Them- ds5.25yrs straight thick hair
Us- ds6yrs straight thick hair

Them- ds3yrs(month younger than Ian) curly sandy hair
Us- ds3yrs curly sandy hair

Them- dd3mo comb over hair
Us- dd6mo comb over hair

Anyway, we get along really well and always have a nice time so it was great to hang out with them for a while. They have a beautiful house on 7 acres with a natural fishing pond and pool. I can dream of a home like theirs- minus the pond. They are just too far out in the boonies for my liking though. The grocery store is 20 miles away. There is no pizza delivery. No restaurants. Nothing but orange groves and horses, cows and camels. Yes, I said camels. Dh said somebody over there owns them. Why they have them, I don't know.

So that was the bulk of our day. I'm thinking of going to MOSI tomorrow since it will be the last time we can get in free as a family but we'll probably end up working around the house. It's still a complete disaster but it's all going this week. I'm ready to have my house back!

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