Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nothing to report

We had a fairly relaxing day. No insane running around. Just to school and back and then to tumbling class tonight. Dh and Ian even joined us about halfway thru class. Luckily for Logan, there was only 1 other student tonight and 2 teachers so he got a private 1 hour lesson! Apparently the Jonas Brothers are here for a concert tonight and all the girls were there. Teams cancelled practice because so many girls were going. The gym was empty!

I did get 2 of my final 3 Ebay auctions ready to ship tomorrow. Only one left and she hasn't paid yet.

I need to get more auctions up. I have an awesome Baby Gap corduroy/"fur" lined coat I need to sell still and a lot of plus size maternity clothes. I have a bunch of M&M dispensers like some of these, although mine are older versions. Some are NIB minus the M&Ms though. ;) Don't ask me why we collected these. Most were given to us by the Mars reps who came into our office but we did buy a couple. So much to do still....

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