Saturday, September 20, 2008

Patience is not my thing

I hate waiting on mail, especially when it's fluffy mail! Where are my new carriers??? One was sent from Canada a week ago and the other was just shipped Thurs/Friday so I'm not really expecting that one until next week. I keep checking the tracking numbers on one carrier and my new books (Twilight for book club and Brisingr for fun) to see where they are!

Are they here yet? Are they here yet?

Wanna see what I'm getting?
Gypsy Mama Crinkle Gauze (hand dyed) wrap in Rainbow Sherbert


Olives & Applesauce (O&A) 16" in Disco Dots. This is a SSC (Soft Structured Carrier) so it's a bit different from my Mei Tais. I can see how babywearing can get addictive! LOL

I sold my Kozy and the fabric so I could fund both of these. I'm antsy to get them and try them out!


Heather said...

I never heard of "fluffy mail" until a few weeks ago, and now I hear it all the time. Addictive like cloth diapers I guess. LOL.

Andrea said...

The first one looks like cotton candy! LOL! I bet it will feel great - light & airy!

Melodie said...

I like the big polka dots. So cute!

Whiner said...

I bought Brisinger this morning, about half way through and LOVING IT. It is amazing and awesome, hope you enjoy it 2