Friday, September 12, 2008


What a tiring day! Judge me if you will, but we took the boys to Disney today. Go ahead, tell me what a bad mom I am. Logan's homework was turned in early and I have his list for next week already so we were good to go. It was Robert's last official day of vacation too.

We decided to hit Epcot today. We got to do quite a bit! Spaceship Earth, Nemo, Soarin' (twice), Mexico's boat ride, new shows/stuff inside Innoventions (free velcro frogs!) and Test Track! Since Ian is now tall enough, he was able to do both Soarin' and TT. He never smiles on rides but he says he loves them when they are done and wants to go again. This was only my second time on Soarin' and I loved it even more. We were in the 2nd row and it was better than the 3rd row. Maybe one day I'll make it up front. It really does feel like you're flying!

New stuff- Velcro is now a sponsor of an exhibit at the Innoventions building. They put on a little show and some kids get to participate in building a velcro skyscraper and the second half of the show, a couple of dads get to participate in a baby diapering/feeding race. Guess who was picked? Yep- dh!! LOL I was cracking up! I'll post the video in a sec.

Right outside the show is a velcro frog station. Jen, I'm sure your boys will love this. They are just plain green frogs and you get to dress them up with crowns, glasses, ties, clothes, etc. We even got Mickey ears for Ian's frog. All FREE! Still not as good as the free robots we were getting but it's all good.

There's also a new recycling/Waste Mgmt exhibit and storm exhibit. The WM exhibit wasn't working at the time. The storm one is a preparedness quiz and puzzle thingy. We didn't really go thru it.

What else....spotted a Daddy Babywearer today! When I came off of Soarin' he was standing nearby wearing an Ergo. I had never seen one in person so I went over to talk to him. Little ole shy me stopped a complete stranger (a man at that) to ask him about his carrier. I really liked the look of it. (Did I mention I sold one of mine to try a new one? More of that in another post)

Can I just say what a pleasant, wonderful baby girl I have? She fussed maybe once or twice today. She was up way past her bedtime and didn't make a peep despite being super tired until we got home and I set her in her crib. Then she let me know she was ready for bed! LOL I think I have the only baby in the world who won't sleep in the car too. She doesn't cry at all, she just sucks her fingers and sometimes talks back there. Ian however was asleep before we even hit the parking lot! Ok enough's that video. I'm lucky I got it. My battery was THIS close to being dead.

How cute is he in his pink/purple apron?

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