Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Logan wanted blueberry muffins as his birthday treat to share with his class today so dh brought home 2 dozen Otis Spunkmeyer muffins. Those things are the size of Bella's head! LOL I took them up to his school at lunch time (hello 10am) and helped pass them all out. Talk about a noisy room. But the kids were all pretty polite. This one boy who sits with Logan just talked and talked and talked to me.....I don't think I heard half of it since it was so noisy inside. He reminded me a bit of Logan since he's also a big talker.

So what did Logan get? He got $100 from dh's boss/friend, the 3rd season of Scooby Doo (bc that's what Ian picked out), a Wall-E game for his Lmax, and 2 video games I got on clearance earlier this year. He plans to go buy a new Lego video game tomorrow night after dinner. He also got strawberry shortcake ice cream cake. Yum!

I didn't get many shots of him today. He was being silly and wouldn't look at the camera.
Lunchroom today-

Cheeeeeese smile after opening his gifts- still sweaty from tumbling class. Photobucket


Working Mama said...

Happy B-day Logan!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Logan!!!

Glad you had a fun day!