Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pumpkin Cheesecake Sunday

No, I could not come up with a better title.

What did we do today? Well we had planned on hitting Disney again but my phone fiasco took too long this morning so we ended up going to Babies R Us because dh wanted a "girly" swing for Bella. We can't seem to locate the most important part of our old swing- the motor! We also picked up some fall/cold weather clothes for her on sale. Oh and we saw Heather there!

After shopping, we headed back home for a bit. I was waiting on my mom to call as we were meeting her and her friend Katie for dinner at Olive Garden. Yum! Love their salad and breadsticks! The boys were very well behaved as was Bella. One of the hostesses kept going on about how cute she was and how she looked just like a baby doll. LOL She is cute! She got to wear her first size 6 month outfit today too given to her by our friend Jen in Washington. Finally! It's a little skirt and onesie outfit. Adorable! Oh and the reason for the title- we ordered some Pumpkin Cheesecake to go. It wasn't that good. WAY too much ginger in it so it was too spicy. I'd love to try making it for the holidays though. I can make it better! ;)

Slobbery girl!

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