Saturday, September 13, 2008


I applied to the Fl KidCare program for my kids since we recently lost our health insurance. The way they have it all set up, birth to age 1 would get Medicaid, 1-4 gets MediKids and 5-18 gets Healthy Kids. So far the only child approved was Logan. I haven't gotten a letter on Ian. But here's the kicker- Bella was denied bc we make too much for Medicaid so the one child who needs medical coverage the most (vaxs, well visits) has NO heath coverage! This sucks! I'd gladly pay a small monthly premium for her (it's $20/mo for Logan) but there is no option for her until she turns one. I'd have to pay out of pocket for her 6mo visit or take her to a free clinic somewhere.

Could we please vote in a president that gives a rats ass about healthcare for our kids?? Preferably someone who's "been there" and knows the struggles and cares.

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