Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Got a few thousand lying around?

(Is it lying or laying? I can never get it right)

So if you do happen to have a "few" thousand just sitting around not doing anything, you may want to check these out.
Princess Coach Bed- that's a bargain price of $4760
Or how about this one? It's ONLY $47,000. What a steal! (Can you sense my sarcasm?)

This one is cute and only $14,339
And I love this one for little boys. I can't leave them out with all the princessy stuff.

Don't forget the armoire! Doesn't everyone have $49,000 for a dresser sitting around?

Wow! Maybe if I won a multi-million dollar jackpot I could afford one of these but I still don't think I would buy one. The armoire and second Coach bed are both more than dh makes in a year!


Anonymous said...

That's when it's handy to know a carpenter! Those are beautiful beds, but so impractical! Did you see how much the mural was? OUCH!

Amanda said...

I'm LOL...my new sister in law works for Posh Tots. They are located here. That's how I got my diaper bag & Marathon. :-) She get everything at cost...a major perk!!! These beds are pertty amazing. They deal with people who are very well off and believe it or not people really do spend the crazy cash on beds like these.

Melodie said...

Okay, I could see maybe getting the Priness Coach Crib for the $4760, you know, if I had a ton of money, but I could never bring myself to even consider any of that other stuff. Even if I won a HUGE lottery jackpot. No way!