Monday, September 15, 2008

No gas??

I've never seen anything like it. I went to the local gas station (Racetrac) this morning to meet up with some Craigslist buyers and afterwards I decided to get gas (poof! all the money I just made is now gone!). Nearly 3/4 of the gas pumps were empty! And the price has jumped $0.30 since we filled up last. Argh.


Heather said...

Al had to get premium last night (or maybe the night before) because he couldn't get unleaded at the gas station near us. Ugh!

Karen said...

I think I just heard on the radio this morning about complaints about price gauging at the gas station from Ike and they mentioned gas stations in our area.

Holly said...

I just got gas this morning, and everything was fine. I paid 3.69 at our normal place, but as I was driving around this morning I noticed most places were 3.99. I also saw on the news several gas stations are being investigated for price gouging. The one they showed on the news was The Flying J in Seffner. Their gas was 4.49 for reg!