Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update on our Healthcare situation

I was on the phone all morning. The phone systems kept hanging up on me but I was persistant today! I needed to get to the bottom of why Bella wasn't covered. I know we qualify! So I called KidCare and they told me that Ian's paperwork should be in the mail and that's all they could tell me on that so now I wait... For Bella, they told me to call Medicaid and find out why we didn't qualify. I'm glad I didn't just accept what the letter said bc KidCare screwed something up and had us down as a family of 3, not 5. As a family of 3, we wouldn't qualify, but as 5 we do! So I had to call KidCare back again to have them resubmit the paperwork and now I have to wait another week or two. At least I'm getting somewhere!

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