Friday, September 19, 2008

If you are hungry...

do not...I repeat, do NOT check out this website. Your tummy will start growling. I'm full from dinner at Sweet Tomatoes tonight and just looking at these pics makes me drool.

BTW, Logan stuck to the Sweet Tomatoes birthday dinner and ate a good size salad tonight along with macaroni & cheese, quattro formaggio focaccia (aka pizza sticks), and a small plates of desserts (spoon of mousse, pudding, blueberry muffin). I stepped outside my box tonight and had their Irish Potato Leek soup (needed salt and then was delish) and Asian Ginger Broth in which you added your veggies seperately (tasted like beef broth) along with my salad and dessert (Choc. Lava Cake- yum!).

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