Friday, September 26, 2008

Babywearing at the park

Ian, Bella and I went to the park this morning with some friends. It was too nice of a day to pass up. We don't get many non-humid days at this time of year so I like to take advantage. I decided to wear Bella in my new O&A SSC. I tried getting her on my back but it took 3 tries and help from a friend in order to do it. How come I don't have these issues at home? I felt stupid because I know anyone looking at me was probably thinking "and that's why I use a stroller" or "that just looks too complicated". Ugh. I want to be a role model for babywearing. Guess I need more practice and Bella needs to learn to keep her legs in one place! LOL

I did talk to one mom who was wheeling a huge travel stroller everyone included ON the equipment (wheelchair accessible playground). I mentioned she should try BW and her reaction wasn't what I expected. She was all like I'm a 3rd time mom and I've tried this and that and she(baby) wants me to hold her and blah, blah, blah. So I just mentioned I had a wrap with me if she wanted to try it when the baby woke up and then dropped it. I don't get her excuses though. Her baby wants to be held. Hello?! What do you think you're doing? Your baby is up against your chest if you are doing a front carry. There's no where better! Ugh. I'm guessing she started out with a pouch that was too big or a ring sling she didn't like/know how to use or even an uncomfortable Bjorn and now she's just turned off of BW. Wish I could have helped her.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't make it to the park with you guys! Hopefully I'll see you soon, I can't wait to see your new wrap!