Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meeting on Monday!

I got a letter today from school to have a conference with the gifted teacher, guidance counselor and teacher(s) on Monday. Not sure if it's a "he's in" conference and what we can expect now or a "he's not in" and the reasons why. I'm nervous and anxious to find out!

Apparently the hold up was the applications for free/reduced lunches. What? Yea, I said that too. Those who qualify for lunches can actually score lower on the test and get in since "they" think those kids may not have parental involvement, access to computers, etc. The lunch program was behind on applications. I asked his teacher this morning about the application since we did turn one in and what other students were doing if they hadn't been approved yet. They've been eating those plain cheese sandwiches and white milk for the past month. I feel horrible for those kids! She said many times, they don't even eat it. It's not the kids' fault the county is behind in it's job!


Amanda said...

OK so am I getting this right...the hold up on the gifted program was bc Logan qualifies for the free/reduced lunch program? If so that's pretty judgemental. I can't wait to hear all about the meeting. He is a super smart kiddo...I knew that when he was drawing pictures of people at like age 2!!! :-)

Karlise said...

They were waiting on the free/reduced lunch apps (not just for the gifted program) to be approved. His just happened to be caught in there. His teacher said the normal score to get into the program is like 150 (guessing at #s) but free/red. students can get in at 132 or somthing like that.

Melodie said...

The minimum IQ for AGP is 130. I had never heard of it being lowered based on income, but I had been told it was only 120 for minorities. If he already had the full scale testing and get scored high enough, then the meeting is probably to write his IEP and have you sign it giving them permission to implement it.