Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pilgrims & Indians

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm late on this. I know we're in December now but stick with me.

Just before our week long Thanksgiving vacation Ian's school had their T-Day program. Our class were indians and the other class were pilgrims. They all got up on stage and sang their little hearts out. Very cute. A few were also chosen to say what they were thankful for this year. My little copycat got up there and repeated what the child before him said- he was thankful for a cornucopia (very big word they learned that week). I think they just liked to say the word. :)

I know you'd love to hear my little man sing but that video is too big to post right now. I'll have to get dh to work on that. For now though here's the link to one of the songs that they sang that night for your listening pleasure and some pictures! ETA: The video is now up on my Facebook page if you're a friend!





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