Monday, June 01, 2009

I Hate You

Well, it's finally happened. Logan told me *I hate you* today. I didn't think I'd see this day come. I asked him to get off the video game and get his sister for me. He chose to keep playing so I told him he lost the game for the rest of the night. He walked away from me and said it as he was walking. Wow. I had to call him back and have a talk about it. Hopefully I won't be hearing it again anytime soon.


Melodie said...

I've already heard that from Katie, thanks to her older sisters saying it to each other so often.

Amanda said...

Awh! It's a crushing feeling I'm sure. Hate and Stupid are no, no words in this house although school has brought them out on occasion.

I recently said to someone that this 6 going on 7 stuff I'm finding a bit challenging.

Sending you Mama hugs!!

Debbie said...

Unfortunately, it happens...hopefully not often...I remember when Elizabeth said it to me...I was crushed...And now and then she'll fold her arms, give me that pouty, angry face....she'll say she's not my friend, blah, blah, blah and I tell her that this is not only no way to treat me, but no way to treat anyone...But from what everyone says, its not something that you just nip...maybe control that it hardly happens again, but hard to just squash away....unfortunately!!