Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The boys were invited to a bowling party this weekend and had a blast! This was only Logan's second time bowling and Ian's first but I think we'll be going again soon (if I can figure out how to handle Bella). It was Cosmic Bowling too which they just thought was neat. Ian actually did very well after his initial try in which he just dropped the ball on the foul line and waited. Haha. He even got a strike in his last frame! Logan did good too but he's too funny when he bowls. He lets it go and throws both arms back. He looks rather bird like. LOL I took a lot of photos but I really didn't like how any of them came out. It was just too dark. I wanted to capture the lighting in there and the *cosmic* feeling but it just didn't translate over. Oh well...I either need to learn my camera better or use the flash more!

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