Wednesday, February 14, 2007


That's me squealing with delight! Dh bought me a Coach purse for Valentine's Day!!!! Ok so I kinda had a clue when he told me he not only went to the mall, but down to the Outlet mall as well. It's so pretty! He wants to get me a matching wallet now for it. We may be headed down to Ellenton on Sunday. I told him I needed an everyday purse now. I'd be afraid to set this down at the park for fear someone would walk off with it. Maybe a Fossil purse?
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I being the procrastinator bought his gift this morning. LOL I kept forgetting! I went by Peltz and got him some new sneakers(Logan's idea) he was desperately in need of but I didn't give those as a gift. I did go by Target however and buy him another Xbox controller, recharger and game so he and Logan can play together (family friendly game of course!). He's tough to buy for. He liked everything though.

While at Peltz today, I found out they carried Crocs! They even have the cute Mary Jane type. I tried a pair of pink ones on and they were comfy. I've heard they aren't as comfy as the others though bc the footbed is made different. I'm waiting for the new styles. They also carry the Disney crocs and Jibbitz including the Disney Jibbitz. I had Logan try some on and they were so cute on him. I think if I get him some though it will be for summer time and I'll get the regular ones so he can add Jibbitz to them. Yeah, I know, I'm buying them more for me than him. LOL Maybe I'll find Ian a pair too so if they want to run in the water at the zoo or Disney they can do so without fear of getting their shoes soaked. Hmm now that I'm thinking about it, the Payless brand may be better for both of them. At least they are cheap enough to outgrow and buy more. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

Squeee! Lucky girl! You are spoiled rotten! It's really pretty!

Lindsey said...

Oooooooooo!!!! I love it!! You are one lucky girl! I want one now!!

You're cracking me up about those crocs!! I can't stand them! I do however LOVE their flip flops!! It's like walking on a pillow!!