Saturday, February 17, 2007

New windows?

Can't afford them! I can't believe how much money new windows run. I'm talking about good windows, not single or even double pane glass. We had someone come out for an estimate. His company sounds really good, They have a good rating with the BBB and a much better warranty than other companies. They claim a 40% decrease guarantee in your energy bill too or they will refund you the difference. This patented glass they use is really nice. He held one of those red heat lamps(like from a fast food place) up to their patented glass and then single, double and triple pane glass and you could tell the difference immediately. He also had a thermometer you could point and tell the temp anywhere in the house. The bulb was 502 degrees and the glass held directly on top of the bulb was 78 degrees. Anyway, our cost is over $10K just for windows! It's another $3.5K for the sliding glass door. Ouch! They are hurricane proof though and their warranty covers any and all glass breakage as long as it wasn't from structural damage (ie a tree falls on the roof) for the lifetime we own the house and the next owner (it's transferable one time!). We can't afford them now, that's for sure! The price is good for a year though so maybe sometime soon. Heaven knows, we need new windows!

It's Saturday and dh is gone for the day. Ugh. He'll be in Orlando for a few hours and then once he gets home, he has an appt soon after. Hopefully we'll get to do something/go somewhere tomorrow. At least I know I get him for a 3 day weekend next week!

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow! New windows are on our wish list too. I had no idea they were that expensive. I don't think you have many more windows in your house than I have in mine (5 total). I'm stunned! Guess we'll have to plan waaaaay ahead for them!