Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Too smart!

Ian has heard me start counting to three way too many times apparently. I told him to get down off of something. I started counting- 1...and he chimes in with 2 and something that sounded like 3. Not only that, but he's figured out how to get the baby gate to the kitchen open by getting down on the floor and pushing until it pops open. I know adults who can't get it open! He's figured out the weakest spot though.

He's talking so much, repeating everything like a parrot. Whenever the phone rings, he runs to the gate, pops it open and runs to the phone all the while saying "hello?, Hello?" Can this boy only be 21months? I don't remember Logan doing all this. Of couse my brain isn't the same anymore. Today I was singing the ABC's to him and when I was done, he started pointed at the letters on his Buc's jersey. He totally gets that that is what we were singing about. Wow.

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