Saturday, February 03, 2007

I have the best hubby!

Earlier this year (or was it Dec) we were discussing our Disney passes and checking out our calendar. I looked at everyone's birthdays and they all fall on a weekday or holiday. Looked like none of us would get to go to Disney on our birthdays. Dh came home and told me he asked off for my bday so we can spend it at Disney! Yea!!! He's even talking about spending the weekend there. Isn't he the best?! LOL Unfortunately, it falls during peak season so most of the hotels are sold out (at least online) so we'll see!

While out shopping for my MIL's bday gift last night (which took 2.5hours!) I got to drool over all the Coach purses. Sigh... We ended up getting her a Fossil purse which I happen to really like. It was more than I've paid for 2 purses though! I keep telling dh I do NOT want him to buy me a Coach bag though- way too expensive although a bargain compared to some of the purses celebrities carry around ($5K). LOL

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Anonymous said...

Aww! What a sweetie pie! Will you dine with the princesses? :)