Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reminder to Self

Dh is never to start a home improvement project again by himself or with his brother no matter how much it will save us!!!!

We bought our door a few months ago. Had dh and BIL "install" it but it was never finished (shimming wasn't done). Dh made it sound relatively simple so he tried it last night. 4 hours later and me taking the iniative to call my dad, it still isn't done so they NAIL the frame up. It was stuffed with newspaper around the edges to keep the bugs out overnight. OMG. This morning I frantically call a bunch of handymen who a) don't do that kind of job or b) don't answer the phone. Thankfully dh knows someone who was able to come over and almost finish the job. His wife finally went into labor so he's 3/4 of the way done. He's a neighbor though so I know where he lives! LOL He did come back after checking her into the hospital so he could at least put up the casing out front and foam between the wall and frame. No bugs tonight! I'm going to have him do some other stuff like tiling (his everyday job) the bathrooms, caulking our siding (another project half done!), and maybe finish painting the back area dh never finished (see?!).

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