Friday, March 23, 2007

Son of a biscuit!!!

I just typed out a HUGE, LONG post and Maxthon ate it! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I was saying I was very bored but since I have to retype this whole post all over again, guess I won't be bored anymore. Grrr. Now I have to remember what I was talking about. Not that any of it is super funny or interesting. LOL

Dh is sick- not a kickin your ass sick, but a stuffy nose sick. He was fine all day long, he worked his normal job, took a side job at lunch, came home and ate dinner, got grumpy and was sick all of a sudden. So he puts on a movie for Ian (after I already told Logan no and I was trying to spend some one on one time with Logan) and falls asleep on the couch. When he wakes up, he says he has no energy and does Benedryl make you sleepy? Uh YES! Men.

Logan is too smart! He has this 48pc dinosaur puzzle that is super long- like 4ft. Once we get going, he can finish it pretty quick. As I was putting it away earlier, I noticed a new puzzle in the top of his closet. When I pulled it down, it fell so I had to put it together. It wasn’t easy! When Logan saw it though, he got really excited and did better than me at putting it together. He’d never even played with it before. He amazes me.(side note: Anytime Ian sees a dinosaur, be it puzzle or toy, he lets out this really cute roar/growl sound. I love it! )

Cute conversation-
I made Logan a fruit shake tonight since he was “still hungry”. Afterwards, he wasn’t hungry anymore according to him. Until that is, dh decided to make popcorn. Logan ran into the room and said dh was making popcorn. I said “but you aren’t hungry anymore” and he replied, “I am now!” LOL

Ian has started saying uh-uh (no) and uh-huh (yes) instead of uh-uh for everything. The way he says his uh-huh(yes) is too cute though- his voice goes into this soprano at the end. It’s hard to imagine, I guess you just have to be there or be me. :D

I’ve been trying to curb his screaming, I stick him in his room each time he starts or at least threaten to. So far, so good. He knows I’m not playing. When I ask is he’s done, he’ll tell me uh-huh. I also make him say he’s “sorry (orry)”. Little booger has figured out how to take off the foot pedal on the baby gate to get out though.

We went to the zoo yesterday with some playgroup friends. We had fun. I think I need to take them more often though. I feel like I could make it more educational if I took the time to read the signs on the cages/pens to Logan. I just don’t usually like going by myself and I don’t want to hold back anyone else. I did get to see a mommy meerkat nursing her pups- while standing up! So cute! Ian still isn’t a big fan of the water fountains, he liked splashing his feet in it but if I splashed some cold water on him, he’d yell “oooucchh”. ROFL. I guess he only likes warm water- he always runs to the tub when I say bathtime.

Dh will be gone all day tomorrow and on Sunday my MIL and the contractor will be coming by. I really need some down time. I thought about going shopping and using my NY&Co coupon ($75 worth of clothes for $45) but I don’t think I can spend the money right now and I don’t really *need* clothes. I haven’t gone down another size yet. I did lose another half pound though which brings me to just over 70lbs lost. What to do, what to do?

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